Home Health Open EMR vs Allscripts EMR: Stating The Difference!

Open EMR vs Allscripts EMR: Stating The Difference!

OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR: Stating The Difference
OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR: Stating The Difference

Do you know that you can avail the salient benefits of EHR solutions for free? There’s no need to invest substantially in a heavily-priced EHR vendor to streamline your clinical workflow. Nowadays, even free and low-priced solutions are competitive enough to do so. EHR platforms are now inclined to offer low-cost solutions to medical practices supporting their growth and scalability.

An OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR comparison will help you understand this better. OpenEMR software is a free, open-source EHR solution, whereas Allscripts is a fixed-price platform. In addition, their feature portfolios are considerably different as Allscripts offers more advanced features. But by going through this article, you will learn that OpenEMR software is still a great choice at hand for small to mid-sized practices.

All About Open EMR:

We will begin this Open EMR vs Allscripts EMR guide with a detailed overview of OpenEMR.

Features Offered by Open EMR:

The features offered by OpenEMR Software are of great importance. This platform is always eager to enhance its services by upgrading them and adding a level of innovativeness. It aims to create a pack of consistent services for healthcare centers.

For instance, OpenEMR is trying to include hybrid inpatient/outpatient support and medical device connectivity. Besides that, it is on its way to shaping its quality reporting services and modernizing all web-based services.

One can say that OpenEMR tries to upgrade its features to meet the provider’s desires by featuring required solutions. The best part is that OpenEMR features free documentation and a support forum and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are its essential features:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Billing
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Patient Portal
  • Reports

Facts Outlined in The Reviews:

OpenEMR reviews support it for its versatility and chic interface. The users are attracted to this solution because it offers quality services at a low cost. Many of the integrated capabilities are praised in the reviews like third-party integrations.

Also, the fact that this solution is built for the public health sector with the funds given by the public adds to its worth. Reviews show that OpenEMR Software makes the best out of the donations made by people, which is revealed through its continuous service upgrades.

Primarily, the most praised qualities of OpenEMR, according to the reviews, are:

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Free
  • ONC Certified
  • Security
  • Support
  • Community

The Demo of OpenEMR Software:

OpenEMR aces the demo round by providing three fully functional demonstration tutorials for the care providers. A particular configuration level is attached to the demo tutorials of OpenEMR for a better understanding of its functionalities.

The demo tutorials give a general overview of OpenEMR software, highlighting its vital services like role-based access, patient portal, and accounting services. There’s a certain reason for presenting three demonstration tutorials.

It is so that users can explore the other demo of OpenEMR in case one is down. In addition, there are certain side demos that are rebuilt daily so users can test the innovations and functionalities.

Pricing Structure of OpenEMR:

Next, let’s explore the pricing details of OpenEMR in this OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR analysis. Firstly, know that OpenEMR is an open-source platform paired with a free pricing structure. Furthermore, this platform is free to download and use.

With OpenEMR, clients can blaze their own way as its free pricing structure gives them the flexibility to do so. With the free pricing model of OpenEMR software comes three levels of support, free, professional, and somewhere in between.

All About Allscripts EMR:

Here we have a detailed overview of Allscripts EMR

Features Offered By Allscripts:

Allscripts EMR is a feature-rich healthcare platform geared toward building a better community for care providers. This solution works as the driving force of success for medical practices by changing the norms of care delivery.

Understanding the need for optimal balance, Allscripts EMR features clinical, financial, and administrative services under one roof. It features an adaptable and configurable set of functionalities to address the pressing healthcare challenges.

Continuous system upgrades back all features of Allscripts so care professionals can get their hands on tech-savvy functionalities. It offers value-based care models and genomic services to expand the continuum of care. The salient features of Allscripts are as follows:

  • Referral Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • E-prescribing
  • Lab Integration
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Demographics
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Mobile Apps
  • Clinical Decision Support

Facts Outlined in The Reviews:

The reviews of Allscripts EMR software reveal that it helps independent practices thrive. This EHR platform improves the bottom line of medical practices by dealing with all financial inefficiencies. Also, the Allscripts reviews illustrate that it offers services to mitigate repetitive processes.

In the reviews, users have mentioned that Allscripts has enhanced the reimbursement level of their clinics. This reliable platform breaks the communication silos between providers and patients. Reviews illustrate Allscripts help during outages with accessible data backups.

The most adored capabilities of Allscripts outlined in the reviews are:

  • Reliability
  • Configurability
  • Mobility
  • Value-based care
  • Actionable data insights

The Demo of Allscripts EMR:

The demo of Allscripts is the point of concern in the OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR comparison. Unlike OpenEMR, Allscripts doesn’t offer three demo tutorials. There’s only one demonstration video, and it’s also not configurable.

However, the demo tutorials of Allscripts are available for free. Users can schedule a demo with Allscripts readily by contacting the vendor. It is a comprehensive video highlighting the essential features of Allscripts in one go.

Pricing Structure of Allscripts EMR:

Putting a stop to this OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR guide is not possible without sharing the price details of this vendor. But we can’t do so as Allscripts has not shared its pricing details. There’s no official statement about the pricing structures offered by Allscripts.

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The Conclusion:

So, first-of-all, the details of OpenEMR software in this OpenEMR vs Allscripts EMR comparison led us to understand that even free solutions are capable of handling clinical operations. As for Allscripts EMR, surely its feature range is more intuitive but the basic EHR functionalities of OpenEMR and this solution are the same. So, investing in Allscripts or any other heavy-budget solution is irrational if one can get the same services for free. But in case a provider needs enterprise-grade services, free solutions are not a reliable option.


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