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How to Install Google Lens App on PC and Mac

How to Install Google Lens App on PC and Mac
How to Install Google Lens App on PC and Mac

Google Lens app is based on image recognition technology (using a smartphone or laptop camera). If this is the first time you hear about such a magical app, don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you want to know. Google Lens is one of the company’s free services, available since June 2018. The software comes in handy in many situations, from saving contact information from a business card to identifying the ingredients of your ordered dish in a restaurant. Intrigued? Yes, of course, if you have the Google Lens app installed on your smartphone then you have a real magic wand in your pocket. This is an android based application but Google lens app lovers who spend their maximum time on a PC or laptop are confused about how to use this app on their personal computers. In this 5-minute read, we will explain to you how to install the Google lens app on PC and Mac. Now let’s first talk about the magical Features of the Google Lens app.

In the summer of 2020, Google updated its Lens app with some cool features. Among the innovations: the transfer of scanned texts to electronic format for viewing on a computer or laptop in the Chrome browser, automatic search for wording for complex terms, and even scanning texts for listening without reprinting or copying into separate applications. Google Lens has also learned to identify objects and find them on the web.

10 Cool Google Lens Features:

1. Scanning Text:

The first and simplest function of Google Lens, but even some users do not know about it. The application “extracts” texts from any physical objects. It can be a book, a printed document, notes on the board in the classroom made by the teacher, and much more. The text caught in the camera lens can be selected and copied, and then pasted into an email, text document, and note or sent as a message through any messenger.

To copy the text you see somewhere, just launch Google Lens, click on the document icon and point the camera at the desired object. Almost instantly, the program will cope with the task. You can also tap on any area of the image, highlighting a separate part. You will have to save the text with the “Copy” button at the bottom of the screen so that it goes to the clipboard.

2. Saving Handwritten Notes:

One of the latest updates to Google Lens is handwriting recognition. For example, if you write notes on pieces of paper or in a notepad, you can quickly transfer them to an electronic format. Using the application, you can digitize not only short notes but also multi-page notes.

The main thing is to write everything clearly and legibly. Since artificial intelligence is not perfect and it does not recognize messy scribbles or does it with errors. It is enough to try this function a few times to understand how it works and how well your handwriting is understood.

3. Listening To Text:

A Quite interesting, but not a highly demanded feature. Google Lens can reproduce all recognized text. It is enough to point the camera at it, and select the desired fragment and the “Listen” option. In this way, you can listen to, for example, a chapter from your favorite book, an article from a newspaper, or instructions from any label.

And interestingly, the text is not reproduced in a terrible machine voice that you could hear from some kind of automatic “talker” (about 10 years ago, such programs were quite popular). Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the Google Lens app reads the selected text in a pleasant and calm voice, even with certain intonations. Although the result is still far from a bedtime story that your favorite granny could read to you.

4. Create Calendar Events:

If you use Google calendar, you will appreciate this interesting feature. The application is able to recognize information about events posted on billboards, flyers, leaflets, or invitations to various events. For example, if you bought movie tickets and want to schedule your cinema visit on your calendar, you no longer have to manually enter information. Just launch Google Lens, point your camera at the ticket and click on the date indicated in the text. The application will prompt you to create an event in the calendar. By clicking on the appropriate button, everything will happen automatically. If necessary, you can add additional settings to the event and save it.

5. Plant and Animal Identification:

A very interesting feature that should surprise you. Imagine that you met a dog on the street that you liked very much, but you are embarrassed to approach the owner to find out the breed. Urgently turn on Google Lens, point the camera at the dog, and press the recognition button.

Thanks to the application, you can find out the name of a rare indoor flower in a second. Animal identification works in a similar way. The application recognizes the breed of the dog in a matter of moments, and you can get all the information you need. It works similarly with other animals: cats, fish, parrots, and so on.

6. Saving Contacts:

Google Lens saves new contacts in your phone book by simply scanning them with your Smartphone’s camera. For example, if you are holding someone’s business card and want to write down the phone number on it, use Google Lens. Point the camera at the number so that the application recognizes it and suggests creating a new contact.

7. Translation of Text from Any Physical Medium:

This feature comes in handy in a variety of circumstances. And if you travel a lot and do not know foreign languages, then Google Lens is a must for you. Scan any signs, inscriptions or announcements, click on the round button with the letter A in the lower-left corner and use the built-in translator.

Right on the screen, the application will replace foreign words with your choice. Try this feature at least once and you will use it all the time: it’s really convenient.

8. Object Recognition:

The application’s object identification capabilities are very versatile. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can try to recognize dishes in cafes and restaurants, but not only. Similarly, Google Lens “recognizes” other objects: household appliances and electronics, various accessories, cars, and so on.

For example, by scanning a PlayStation 5 game console, the application will automatically “Google” it and find online stores where you can purchase this product. Unfortunately, not all objects are being processed at the moment, but only the most recognizable ones, but this also looks impressive.

9. Scanning QR And Barcodes

Previously, you had to use separate Android applications that could only read barcodes and QR codes. This feature is now built into Google Lens and no additional installation is required. Just open the app and point your smartphone camera at the desired code to see all the encrypted data on the screen. These can be company contacts, a link to the official website, and so on. You can immediately copy the displayed information.

10. Search Terms:

The last is search terms which rarely used, but useful under certain circumstances. Let’s say you’re reading some complicated book or white paper and you come across a term that you don’t recognize. Previously, you had to manually drive it into the search bar of the browser, and it was not always possible to correctly remember a new compound word the first time.

Now it’s enough to launch Google Lens, point the camera at the text, and highlight an unfamiliar term. Next, we swipe up from the bottom to see the result of an automatic Google search for this word.

How to Install Google Lens App on PC and Mac

This is a very interesting application. Unfortunately, till the date, no official software for PC and Mac was launched by Google. We only install it through android emulators like BlueStacks, KD player, and Nox player. Personally, I prefer rooted BlueStacks 5 for this process because it’s more convenient for new users and friendlier on low-end PCs too. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing the Google lens app on PC and Mac.

  • Install the latest version of BlueStacks 5
  • Root BlueStacks 5, if you are new must check how to root BlueStacks 5
  • Sign in Google play store and install the latest Google lens app
  • Finally, you can now enjoy the Google lens cool features

Final Thoughts:

No doubt this is a curious application but it takes some getting used to. Many did not try to use it, preferring to look for information the old-fashioned way manually.

Is it worth downloading this service? It all depends on your needs, but at least we recommend you at least try it. After that, you can decide for yourself whether it is so useful or you can easily do without it.


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