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6 Hair Care Tips for Wedding in Winters

Hair Care Tips for Wedding
6 Hair Care Tips for Wedding in Winters

Winters are approaching and so is the wedding season. Whether you are the showstopper or the bridesmaid, you all want to look top-notch from head to toe. But winters are often brutal for hair as the weather changes upside down and with that hair problem arises. In winter, hair tends to play its own game of hide and seek and there’s no magic you can spell on them to make them shiny, smooth, and healthy.

We all know that during winter, the shine and luster of the hair reduce and there is no magic wand to get good hair every day. Harsh winter weather is just like the evil queen who leaves no stone unturned to trouble Snow White (hair). Taking care of your hair is important and girl if you do not pay them attention now, you will regret it later.

Our desire to get healthy, shiny and silky tresses can be achieved by following these simple hair care tips for the wedding.

1. Avoid Washing Hair with Hot Water

We all love hot water baths in winter but head washing with hot water is a sin. Always think twice before committing this crime. Regular use of hot water on hair strips away the natural moisture from the hair, making them brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Also, hot water can open up the pores of the scalp which promotes hair fall and dandruff by accumulating the oil.

2. Make Oil Champi Your BF!

Oil Champi is one of the famous grand ma’s nuskha that we all are following for ages and it must be especially followed in the winters to preserve and maintain our precious locks from falling. It is the best solution to say bye to your hair woes. Regular oil massage helps to promote blood circulation and provides adequate nutrients to your hair roots that boost hair growth. Also, it prevents hair from drying and reduces frizz.

3. Use Serum to Lock-In Moisture

Dehydrated and dry hair is common in winter. Provide them adequate nourishment and protect them from getting brittle by using an oil-based serum that helps to lock in moisture in the hair for a long time and evaporates slowly to protect each strand. Also, it adds shine to your dull hair by reducing frizz and split ends. Serum application before using heat styling products prevents the hair from heat damage.

4. Book Weekly Hair Spa

It is one of the most important hair care tips for wedding that you must follow before 2-3 months. A hair spa is done using heavy and nourishing creams that provide intense moisturization to your hair, making them soft, smooth, silky, and shiny. An extensive hair spa makes your pores rid of dirt, impurities, and contaminants that not only promote hair growth but improve the overall texture of hair. You can do the home DIY for hair packs with natural herbs for hair.

5. Reduce Heavy-Heat Styling Routine

Everybody knows that excess heat damages your hair and makes them dry, frizzy, and brittle. Especially during the winter season avoid using blow dryers to dry your hair and let them air dry for preventing moisture loss.
Also, hair straightening and curling can have an adverse effect on your precious locks as it makes hair dehydrated and rough.

POV: If you use heat styling products regularly then never skip oil champi, conditioners, hair spa, and serum applications.

6. Let Silk or Satin Pillow Case Tame Your Hair

To improve your hair quality and keep frizz at bay, you must sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase as it reduces the friction against the hair and helps retain the natural shine. Reduced friction against the pillow case prevents split ends, frizz, hair damage, and tangles.

Also, have a look at the use of zinc for Immunity and Against Diabetes

For these amazing hair care tips and be all geared up to rock “n’ roll this wedding season by flaunting your beautiful tresses. You must follow these hair care tips for weddings regularly to witness the best results. To reduce the frizz and dryness of hair, you can choose Banana Shampoo and conditioner which is amongst the best anti-frizz products. Apart from the winter wedding season, you must start following these tips otherwise all year round and make them a habit to get healthy and luscious locks.


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