Essentia EMR vs ChiroTouch EMR: Two Vendors to Explore!

For those who don’t know, Essentia is a behavioral health software, and ChiroTouch is a chiropractic solution. In today’s guide, we will compare these solutions by exploring their feature range, conducting price and review analysis, etc. This way, you will get a chance to learn how specialty-specific solutions differ. And why Essentia and ChiroTouch are the best-of-their-breed solutions. Essentia rocks the mental health EMR section, and ChiroTouch aces the chiropractic EMR field. No vendor can beat these solutions as they are highly capable and master what they do.

Essentia EMR vs ChiroTouch EMR Software:

Essentia vs ChiroTouch: The Specialties:

In Essentia vs ChroTouch EMRanalysis, you will learn that these are two entirely different solutions. They are built this way from the ground up as one solution tends to behavioral health specialists and the other looks after the needs of chiropractors.

Behavioral Health Specific:

Essentia EMR is basically an information management system for behavioral health practices. This solution meets the needs of all-sized mental care practices by transforming their day-to-day operations by automating them. Essentia features robust specialty-specific services and slays them with elegance and intuitiveness. This software by NetSmart is utilized by more than 24000 behavioral health practices in over 50 states of the US.

Chiropractic System:

As for ChiroTouch, it is a chiropractic solution that tends to the needs of chiropractors. It powers the practices with built-in tech-savvy functionalities. The features of ChiroTouch are designed to simplify complex clinical operations. It is an integrated all-rounder EHR solution designed on a chiropractic interface. Serving over 21000 customers with around 20 years of unparalleled experience in the healthcare industry, ChiroTouch EMR enjoys a remarkable reputation.

Essentia vs ChiroTouch EMR: The Features Offered:

For sure, the basic features of both these platforms will be the same. The difference lies in the specialty-specific functionalities. So, let’s explore that in the feature aspect of the Essentia vs ChiroTouch EMR analysis guide.

Essentia Features:

This behavioral health platform is known for its unprecedented specs. Essentia features endless care management services and is ICD-10 ready. The vendor empowers practitioners with best-in-class clinical services embedded in the data management framework. The features of Essentia services are inclined at increasing the bottom line of mental health practices. Here are the outstanding features offered by Essentia Health software.

  • Commitment coordination
  • Detoxification
  • Mechanized apportioning machines
  • Patient-explicit dosage machines
  • Inventory management
  • Information acquisition
  • Cost accounting
  • Group appointment scheduling
  • Engagement Coordination

ChiroTouch EMR Features:

ChiroTouch is one comprehensive solution leaving no room for errors and misinterpretation. The remote accessibility and HIPAA compliance of this vendor is flawless. When it comes to features, ChiroTouch EMR aces it with services like real-time data backup and customizable MACROS. The integral features of ChiroTouch that streamline the workflow of medical practices are:

  • Charting provider screen
  • Superbills, CMS1500
  • Compliant SOAP notes
  • Ledger and invoice management
  • Patient management
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Performance reports and tracking
  • ERA auto-posting

Essentia EMR vs ChiroTouch EMR: The Price Charged:

Let’s explore the price range now in this Essentia vs ChiroTouch guide. This will help you get a clear idea of what these solutions charge for the services offered.

Essentia Pricing:

The pricing details of Essentia are not fully disclosed. For instance, the price charged by the vendor is made public, but further details are not available. To inquire about the in-depth pricing details of Essentia, medical professionals have to contact sales. The price range of this software starts from just $49 per user per month. This low-scale pricing depicts that Essentia cares for small-sized practices instead of focusing just on the large ones.

ChiroTouch Pricing:

Intended to make life a whole lot easier for practitioners, ChiroTouch provides reasonable pricing plans. ChiroTouch offers two pricing bundles, and their range starts from just $149 per month per user. The ChiroTouch EMR Core pricing bundle is packed with essential clinical services, and the ChiroTouch Advanced offers intuitive services. The prime difference between the two pricing solutions is that the ChiroTouch Advanced bundle features claims management cycle services.

Essentia vs ChiroTouch: The User Statement:

Along with the price and features, we will analyze the reviews of our concerned platforms. So, let’s explore the reviews in this Essentia vs ChiroTouch EMR comparative analysis.

Essentia Reviews:

The reviews of Essentia revolve around its innovation and user-friendliness. Essentia reviews depict that the patient’s well-being is all the vendor thinks about. This solution is lauded for its well-structured financial reporting module that serves to enhance the reimbursement rate. Besides that, reviews of Essentia software are about how effortlessly this solution streamlines practices. The intuitive dashboard of Essentia is the center of focus of the reviews. The way Essentia cuts down the administrative workload of practices is also worth mentioning.

ChiroTouch Reviews:

Chiropractic notes are a must to mention when it comes to the ChiroTouch reviews. The reviews of the ChiroTouch solution are primarily about how it tackles cumbersome clinical situations. The vendor is easy to get started and thus is loved by most medical professionals. The reviews of ChiroTouch are all praises for its integration. Using this solution is like jumping into a paperless world free of clinical disruption. The intuitive nature and configurability are the two most highlighted elements in ChiroTouch reviews.

Essentia vs ChiroTouch: The Demo Tutorial:

Before ending this analytic guide, it is a must to explore the demonstration tutorials of Essentia and ChiroTouch EMR. But it is something you can do on your end. But for now, we will share a slight overview of the demos.

Essentia Demo:

The demo of Essentia is available for free on its official website. Therefore, one can easily schedule one to explore the salient functionalities of the vendor. Essentia EMR demo is a pre-configured one; it is not customizable. However, it showers light on all the impeccable services that a mental health practitioner may need. It is all about how it modernizes healthcare practices’ norms so practitioners can live to the fullest.

ChiroTouch Demo:

ChiroTouch EMR offers a dialogue box stating “Letus show you” at the top right corner of its official website. Clicking on this dialogue box, providers can schedule a demo with ChiroTouch. ChiroTouch asks for certain details for setting up a demo, like a client’s name, mobile number, etc. It is a gesture to ensure seamless communication. In general, the demo of ChiroTouch focuses on how it revolutionizes the healthcare practices

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