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5 Best Ways to Convert Visitors into Readers and Subscribers

5 Best Ways to Convert Visitors into Readers and Subscribers
5 Best Ways to Convert Visitors into Readers and Subscribers

Building traffic may be the primary objective for any new blog but the ultimate objective is to form a community of committed readers. It is not an easy task. There are so many good bloggers across different countries and many of them have the best blend of great writing skills as well as dependable digital marketing techniques. The top bloggers even hire reputed digital marketing agencies to get their blogs on the top 5 brackets and stay there for long.

So, obviously, it can be an uphill task for you to rank your blog higher on Google. However, by following some of the best and most actionable tips and tricks you can achieve this goal. In this blog, you are about to explore such tips that will help you in converting the visitors into committed subscribers of your blog.

Craft High-Quality Posts Regularly:

One of the easiest ways to convert your visitors into dedicated readers is to create good-quality posts on a regular basis. You need to understand that The first thing is to build a reading habit among your visitors. By providing them a well-defined regular dose of high-quality blog posts you can turn a reading hobby into a daily habit. It will also create curiosity among your readers and compel them to visit your blog on the best day. Gradually it will turn into a habit and you would be able to gain committed readers. One thing to remember here is that you need to present only high-quality material if you wish to convert them into readers. People may read low-quality material for a few days but it cannot compel them to turn into regular readers.

Offer Quick Subscription Option to Your Visitors:

Many visitors don’t turn into committed readers as they don’t see any practical quick option to subscribe to your blog. Don’t simply assume that regular posting alone can do wonders and help you gain a loyal community of readers. For that, you need to include a subscribe option to your blog. Keep it in an appropriate eye position. For instance, you can include a subscribe button at the footer of your blog. You may also use the popup to ask the leaving visitor to subscribe to your blog. It is equally important to tell them the benefits of subscribing to your blogs like getting the latest industry information or a daily quote of insider tricks and tips.

Offer Attractive Giveaways and Run Contests:

Along with actively asking visitors to subscribe to the blog you can also use some ethical tricks to create an email list of the visitors to send them email newsletters. For instance, you can start a free giveaway contest with some good rewards for the winners. You can either use a quiz or caption writing contest or something similar. One of the key conditions of participation is to provide you with the mail and subscribe to your blog. Such giveaways and contests instantly attract the people and also create a spirit of healthy competition that multiplies the engagement. All you have to do is come up with innovative ideas for giveaways and contests. There are a number of free and premium WordPress plugins to run those contests on your blogging site with zero coding.

Wisely Use Call to Action Strategy:

CTAs or call-to-action is another major element that turns your blog into a subscriber magnet. However, you need to use it with the right strategy. For instance, you can add a contextual CTA asking people to subscribe to your blog to read the specific post related to any fresh blog post. For that, you first need to identify any high-performing post of the past and create a fresh post around the same topic that gives a quick overview. Contextually you can add CTA retelling readers to subscribe to your blog and read a previous post that presents the matter in detail. When used with the right strategy the CTAs can prove to be a game-changer in increasing the readership of your blog.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page for Blog Subscription:

Another best way to increase the readership of your blog is to build a dedicated landing page only for the subscription of your blog. On that page, you can present The facts that elevate the position of your blog. For instance, you can tell airy rage by never and profile of people who read your blow. You can also mention the major benefits for regular subscribers’ ice-free access to the fated content. You may also offer them some useful premium tools for free such things can easily encourage the visitor to subscribe to your blog.

Use Interactive Material:

Another best way to convert your visitors into subscribers is to offer them interactive material that they can engage with. Research shows that active engagement dramatically builds a natural affinity with the material and makes readers more willing to accept your ideas. It can multiply the impact of your blogs while also strengthening your interest. With consistently increasing interest the readers won’t feel bored and can spend a long time on your blog. Increased stay duration will eliminate the risk of bounce rate while creating more opportunities for better CTR or click-through rate.

Understand the Queries of Your Targeted Audiences:

People generally search the internet to find answers to their questions. So, you need to expand your knowledge about different questions that most people are actively searching for an answer to. It will allow you to tailor your material wisely that will efficiently satiate the different queries of your audiences. With all their queries satisfied the visitors will be impressed with your blogs and that acts as a strong anchor to hook their attention while also creating more chances to bring the visitors back to your blog.


Readership is the major criterion that determines the overall success of any new blog. Even the advertisers are eager to know about the volume quality of readers on your blog. In this post, we shared some of the easy, actionable, and effective ways to capture visitors’ attention and positively compel them to subscribe to your blog.



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