Home Health How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters
How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters

Beauty is the desire of every human, especially women. Slim and smart posture is the key point of beauty. A slim and smart poster depends on your Body mass index (BMI) because the lower your weight, the lower your BMI. In addition to beauty, there are also many people who want to lose weight for health. Although there are so many ways to lose weight, if you only choose one of them, you won’t lose weight. Your nutritionist and elders always suggest you control your diet and exercise regularly to lose weight. Many people lose weight with this traditional method, but how long does it take? Half a year? A year? Impossible for most dieters who are impatient and lack perseverance. Otherwise, there would not be so many fat people in this world. Here we have a complete guide to lose weight that works for most dieters.

Before starting keep some basic points in your mind, generally, a steady weight loss of 0.75-1.5kg (1.6- 3.30 Pounds) per week is recommended for the most effective long-term weight management. If you want to lose weight fast it may possible but it may harmful to your health.

Initially, rapid weight loss usually results from the adoption of strictly restrictive diets, which are far from what we would call a “balanced diet” and require a significant reduction in food intake. This results; in a reduction in the intake of valuable nutrients, which often leads to the inability to meet the needs of the body and consequently increases the risk of developing symptoms of insufficiency, such as hair loss, dizziness, weakness, and extreme fatigue. At the same time, a very basic disadvantage of rapid weight loss is the fact that it does not contribute to the long-term maintenance of lower body weight. People who achieve rapid weight loss through deprivation diets usually regain the weight they lost or more shortly after completing the program.

Key Points to Lose Weight Fast and Safely:

Up mentioned rapid weight loss disadvantages don’t mean there is no safe way to lose weight fast, it’s only a caution note for those who are misguided by inexperienced people. Here we have a proven 31days complete guide with a balanced diet that is safe and fast.

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Day 1 to Day 3:

Breakfast: an egg and a glass of milk (Remember: the calcium in milk can take away the double fat in the stomach to defecate, so it is better than soy milk)

10:00 am Snacks Brake: Small protein bar (but check labels for sugar content that must be sugar-free) and a cup of black coffee (here I will introduce protein and Black coffee, Protein is best for long-term hunger prevention, so you won’t need another snack until dinner. Black coffee is,  must-have for home travel, and an artifact to interrupt your appetite! See someone important later? Drink a cup of black coffee and your face will shrink within an hour)

Lunch: One serving of fresh vegetables and one portion of boiled meat.

Dinner: One serving of green vegetables (I think the best is cold spinach or cold broccoli, it’s really delicious with a little salt and vinegar)

Special Note:

One cup of lemongrass thrice a day is essential. Drink more water during the whole weight-loss period. Sometimes people are thirsty, but it will lead to the illusion of hunger.

Exercise: A small segment of walk one in the morning and one at night until you feels Sweat on your forehead.

The first three days were more difficult, but it was good to persevere because it was the most motivating time. The hungrier you are, the more motivated you will be, because you will noticeably see changes in your face and less fat on your face! After the first three days, the weight will generally decrease by 2 to 4 pounds.

The Next Fourteen days (2 weeks):

Breakfast: A glass of milk and an egg.

10:00 am Snacks Brake: For this fourteen days bracket, 10:00 am break remains the same as a Small protein bar (but check labels for sugar content that must be sugar-free) and a cup of black coffee.

Lunch: A small bowl of boiled Chickpeas with a green salad. Green salad is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, and fiber. Leafy vegetables are also low in calories and sodium; a good choice for a healthful diet.

Dinner: One and a half bread of brown flour with Fresh vegetables and meat curry cocked in low cholesterol oil.
Exercise: In this 2 weeks segment, we should try a little bit hard exercise. Like 40 minutes of jogging and 15 mint segments of stomach exercise two times a day (preferably one segment in the morning and one in the evening). If morning and evening time adjustments are difficult due to Office engagement then these two segments can be adjusted according to your free time. But make sure the time pause between two segments should be 8hrs minimum. After fourteen days, the weight will generally decrease by 8 to 12 pounds.

The Three Best Exercises for a Flat Stomach:

Crisscross: Lie down and put your hands under your buttocks. It is best to use an exercise mat. Lift your upper back, straighten your legs and cross one leg over the other. This complex movement targets various muscle groups, including your thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, and of course your core.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


Crunch: Lie on the mattress and rest your hands on your temples. Bend your knees and lift your upper back.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters

Flutter Kicks: Lie on the exercise mat and lift your upper back. Keep your legs straight and move them up and down alternately.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters

Special Note:

One cup of lemongrass thrice a day is essential and Drink more water during the whole weight-loss period. Sometimes people are thirsty, but it will lead to the illusion of hunger.

After 17 days:

Breakfast: A glass of milk and an egg. The Breakfast will remain the same for the whole weight-loss period. If you feel comfortable with this then make it part of your life.

10:00 am Snacks Brake: For this 2nd fourteen days bracket, 10:00 am break remains the same as a Small protein bar (but check labels for sugar content that must be sugar-free) and a cup of black coffee.

Lunch: A small bowl of boiled Chickpeas with a green salad and 50gm boiled meat. The meat will help to maintain the necessary nutrients.

Dinner: Now in this 2nd two weeks segment, we reduced meals at dinner. Only One bread of brown flour with boiled Fresh vegetables and meat will be your dinner.

Exercise: In this 2nd two weeks segment, we should go on with the hard exercise. Like 40 minutes of Running and 20 mint segment of stomach exercise two times a day.

Congratulations, if you strictly follow the above methods, you should have lost 15-18 pounds by now. So how do we maintain the weight and even then drop it?

At The End of One Month:

First, it is not possible to fully revert to the original diet. A casual diet leads to weight gain again. Secondly, cut off sugar for a long time, and eat as little as possible. The staple food, eat meat and vegetables casually and eat as long as you can. I know it’s painful not to eat sweets, especially the more you avoid something, the more attractive it is to you. So can you not eat tonight after stealing a piece of cake at noon? If you can, then you can eat this cake.

Weight- Loss without Exercise:

If you don’t want to exercise, but you want to lose weight, you can also achieve it with good living habits. The following are 8 good habits for weight loss. If you add it to your daily life, having a good figure is not a distant dream.

1. Get a good night’s sleep:

Different studies have shown that sleep and weight loss are inextricably linked. Through sleep, the body will secrete different weight-loss hormones to promote fat decomposition. When sleep is insufficient, the stomach will secrete ghrelin hormone, which stimulates appetite. To lose weight easily and sleep well is really the key. In order to have a good sleep quality, you should avoid using mobile phones before going to bed. A blue light will keep you awake and make it difficult to fall asleep. Dimming the lights early causes the body to produce melatonin, which aids sleep.

2. Drink Black Coffee and Tea without Sugar and Add Ginger:

According to a “Public Health” study, drinking black coffee will eliminate nearly 500 calories per week, because it is 60% less sugar than originally in coffee. If you are a tea addict, you can add ginger to your tea. Ginger can reduce insulin secretion, reduce moisture, feel full and burn fat.

3. Drink Plenty of Water:

Sometimes when you feel dizzy and weak, it’s not that you are hungry; it may be that you are thirsty! The mechanisms that control hunger and thirst in our brains are in the same place, so keeping a bottle of water around can reduce the likelihood of snacking. Adding a bit of lemon can also add sweetness and aid digestion, killing two birds with one stone.

4. Keep Healthy Snacks At Home and With You:

Don’t hold back when you’re hungry between meals. Studies have shown that people who are chronically hungry eat more calories at the next meal because when you’re hungry, your body automatically stores more fat to generate heat. Always have low-sugar granola bars, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and blueberries nearby. Nuts contain healthy fats that increase satiety and boost energy, and blueberries are the healthiest food for weight loss according to research. Usually, keep sliced fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, olives, and protein-rich foods in the middle shelf of the refrigerator where you can see them when you open the refrigerator to increase your chances of eating healthy foods.

5. Control Sugary Food Intake:

Limit sugary drinks, baked foods, or desserts. If you really want to taste a little sugar, you might as well choose dark chocolate or fruit. Banana ice cream is also a good option. Take frozen peeled bananas, add milk and chocolate powder to the blender, and you will have a healthy and delicious dessert.

6. Eat Protein-Rich Foods for Breakfast:

A day’s plan is in the morning. According to research, skipping breakfast will increase the possibility of obesity. Eating more high-protein foods at breakfast can make you feel full and control your appetite throughout the day.

7. Use Small Bowls to Control Food Intake:

Packing food in smaller plates “can save you 23 percent of your food intake.” It’s the least effortless way to lose weight.

8. Watch Out For Bad TV Habits:

When watching TV, most people will grab some snacks and unhealthy food to satisfy their cravings. Research shows that watching TV for 20 minutes can increase 156 calories. So get up and move around more, drink a glass of water, eat healthy food, low-sugar cereals, and skip those high-calorie junk foods during ad breaks.

Diet Guide:

That being said, many diets leave you feeling hungry or tired from your effort. These are important reasons why you may find it difficult to follow a healthier diet. However, not all diets have this effect. Low carb diets and whole-grain foods, lower-calorie diets are effective for weight loss and may be easier to follow than other diets.

5 Acupuncture Points to Lose Weight by Pressing:

Finally, there is a simple acupuncture method to lose weight. After 2 to 3 hours of meals remember to press the acupoints. Don’t massage when you are full. There is no specific massage method; you can massage the acupoints in circles for 3 minutes.

1. Tianshu Point:

Acupressure on the abdomen is very effective for weight loss. Tianshu is the acupoint of the large intestine. Pressing this point more can help to adjust the large intestine, reduce stagnation and reduce belly, and has the effect of clearing stool.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


2. Chize Point:

The chize point is located at the thumb that holds the inner elbow. This acupoint is located on the Lung Meridian, originally to help improve breathing problems, but at the same time it accelerates metabolism, so it can indirectly strengthen waste reduction and weight loss. Massage this acupoint with your thumb for 10 seconds, it can help improve the function of the respiratory system, speed up the metabolism, and relieve the problem of body edema. Therefore, it is a very effective acupoint for slimming and beauty.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


3. Zusanli Point:

Zusanli is a well-known acupoint. It is a large acupoint located in the stomach meridian, located on the four transverse fingers under the eyes of the outer knee and the edge of the tibia. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, massage acupoints are not only very effective in helping the spleen and stomach, regulating qi and blood, but also have beauty effects and weight loss effects. The reason why massaging Zusanli acupoint helps to lose weight is because the spleen and stomach are healthy and digestion is good, so the fat will be eliminated, and the body shape will naturally improve.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


4. Sanyinjiao Point:

Sanyinjiao, which is located above the inner side of the ankle and in the depression behind the tibia at the four horizontal fingers, is the most commonly used acupoint for weight loss by Liang physicians. This acupoint is the intersection of the spleen, liver, and kidney, and has the effect of nourishing both qi and blood. With the massage of Hegu acupoint located between the thumb and the index finger, at the middle point of the first metacarpal bone of the index finger, it can adjust the meridians and promote the elimination of blood stasis. Blood can also achieve the effect of self-cultivation. In addition to nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, regular massage of Sanyinjiao acupoints can also help calm the mind and soothe the nerves and can treat female menstruation, belt, fetus, childbirth, and other problems.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


5. Kunlun Point:

When the spine is unbalanced, the pressure on the upper body is all put on the calf. After a long time, the calf will look stronger. The Kunlun point located between the tip of the lateral malleolus and the Achilles tendon has the greatest effect on adjusting the balance of the spine, which plays a key role in shaping the calf.

How to Lose Weight: A Complete Guide for Dieters


To sum up, a “complete guide of weight-lose” is shared here, a set of methods, artifacts, and taboos. What is most needed is the common progress of everyone. You are welcome to leave a message under this post to set up a flag and “check in every day for 31 days”. Finally, I wish each of us to meet the one we like the most.


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