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6 Anime of Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

6 Anime of Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons
6 Anime of Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

Animated series is a popular modern phenomenon. Some versions are very good. It hurts to look at others. We have collected a selection of those that, on the one hand, is saturated with nostalgia, on the other hand, they look fresh and interesting.

1. “Shaman King” (2021)

Shaman King 2021

The universe of this anime is inhabited not only by ordinary people but also by shamans, they are able to see spirits and fight with them. Every 500 years, the world hosts a tournament for the title of Shaman King. The winner receives incredible power and the ability to control the fate of the Earth. An ordinary teenager, Mantou, knows nothing about the spirit world until he becomes close to his enigmatic classmate Yoh. He turns out to be one of the shamans and is preparing to fight for the title of King.

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The previous version of the anime came out in 2002. In contrast, the 20s Reboot is based entirely on the original manga. The fact is that in the 2000s the anime was released before the manga was completed. Therefore, the creators of the animated series added a lot of their own. For example, in the old version, viewers saw the story mostly through the eyes of Mantoux. In the new one, they follow the events from the outside.

2. “Beauty Warrior Sailor Moon” (2014)

Beauty Warrior Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)

The already legendary story about warriors in a sailor suit. Usagi Tsukino is a fourteen-year-old Japanese schoolgirl. She leads the most ordinary life. But one day, on the way to class, Usagi saves an unusual black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. The cat’s name is Luna, and on top of everything else, she is also talking. The moon endows Usagi with magical powers, and now she is the warrior of Sailor Moon. Usagi must protect the world from evil and help find the princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity. And to help her in this will be a team of four warriors who, outside the battlefields, also live like ordinary girls.

Unlike the 90s version, the 2014 anime has far fewer episodes per season. Like the creators of The Shaman King, the authors of the new Sailor Moon adhered exclusively to the manga and did not add anything from themselves. In the new version, Usagi seems more serious and less infantile. Even looks older. Also, in the old anime, they devoted more time to the stories of other sailor warriors. Here they rather exist in the background. The plot largely revolves around the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru – aka the enigmatic Tuxedo Mask.

3. “New DuckTales” (2017)

New DuckTales (2017)

Willy, Billy, and Dilly are three restless ducklings, nephews of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. Their life is full of adventures, which they sometimes create for themselves. And if the animated series of the nineties was just a set of funny, unrelated episodes, then the new one has a plot. In the first season, the trinity moves to live in the luxurious mansion of Scrooge McDuck, a billionaire, and adventurer. They fall into the very epicenter of events because Scrooge has many enemies. The most dangerous hides in the shadows and sends a “secret agent” to the family, who must ingratiate himself.

The reboot turned out to be charming, with a Gravity Falls vibe. And the characters have a character: Billy, Willy, and Dilly now differ not only in the color of their clothes. Even Donald Duck’s speech became more understandable. And Madame Klyuvdia and Ponochka completely got rid of gender stereotypes and turned into really cool heroines. In addition, many of your favorite Disney characters appear in the new version: Goofy, Chip and Dale, Gadget, pirates from the animated series “Wonders on the bends”, Daisy, and the legendary Black Cloak!

4. “Powerpuff Girls” (2016)

Powerpuff Girls (2016)

For the first time, an animated series about three superhero girls living in the town of Townsville was released in 1998. Blossom, Pistil, and Bubbles live with their father Professor Utonium, go to kindergarten and protect the city from various villains. Each episode is another mission to save the world.

In the 2016 version, the girls have grown older and are now in school. They tried to modernize the animated series (the girls got mobile phones) and supplement it with actual jokes. The Trinity received new abilities because the creators wanted to make them even more powerful. Also, many characters were relegated to the background, and some were completely removed. But they added new villains.

5. “She-Ra and the Invincible Princesses” (2018)

She-Ra and the Invincible Princesses (2018)

The main character, sixteen-year-old Adora, serves in the Horde. A brave and courageous soldier, she excels on missions. The Horde is at war with dangerous “princesses” that bring destruction to the world order. During one of the missions, Adora finds a magical sword, the power of which turns her into a warrior Shi-Ru. With strength comes the realization that the main villains are not “princesses” at all, but the Horde itself.

This animated series is a reboot of the 1985 project The Invincible Princess She-Ra. The first thing that catches your eye is the drawing. Classic American animation has been replaced with a more modern one. And the reboot’s writing team is made up entirely of women. Perhaps that is why the heroines turned out to be more diverse and individual. And if in the old version their appearance differed mainly in hair color and costumes, then She-Ra in 2018 pleases with a variety of ethnic groups, hairstyles, and physiques. It turned out to be a truly girl power story

6. “Rugrats” (2021)

Rugrats (2021)

Rugrats began airing on Nickelodeon back in 1994. It was a collection of funny stories about four kids, Tommy, Chucky, Phil, and Lil, and a mischievous and spoiled three-year-old girl Angelica. Susie also appeared in some episodes. The heroes constantly got into various adventures while the adults went about their business. Often these were rather mediocre everyday events for the viewer, which in the eyes of the kids became exciting and even dangerous. So, the creators imagined a world that young children are just getting to know.

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The new version is still the same collection of stories, only in 3D. The creators tried to integrate signs of the times into the plot, but at the same time preserve the atmosphere of the original. Well, Susie has become a full-fledged heroine, who participates in almost all adventures.


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