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Slim Thick: A New Trending Female Body Shape

Slim Thick New Trending Female Body Shape
Slim Thick: A New Trending Female Body Shape

Slim Thick body shape is a new trend in females, and it is becoming more popular with each passing day. Women with a slim thick body shape have shoulders and hips that are approximately equal in width with a slimmer waist. Slim thick was initially popularized on social media by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner in the 2010s. And so many men (I’m telling you a secret) are just crazy about such women!

Is it possible to get the perfect dream figure? Yes, by choosing the right diet and fitness program, you can achieve your dream figure in a concise period. Before starting our main topic, knowing your body type is essential to train more effectively and learning how to choose clothes to look the most attractive.

Body Type – What Is It?

The type of figure depends on the structural features and development of bone, fat, and muscle tissues. Mostly, it is due to genetics, but it can be adjusted by diet and exercise.

Every person is beautiful and unique. Everyone’s body has its advantages and disadvantages. Body types are a classification of the most common types of human figures, divided into ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. The somatotype theory was developed by William Sheldon in the 1940s,

An ectomorph is a tall person prone to thinness, a mesomorph is distinguished by an athletic physique, and an endomorph is predisposed to weight gain. Separately, Sheldon noted that in a “pure” form, these body types do not occur – the average person is a combination of different types.

The differences between each type of physique are expressed in metabolism characteristics. Ultimately, the endomorph has a slow metabolism, the mesomorph is characterized by increased testosterone levels (which helps to gain muscle), and the ectomorph is characterized by high cortisol levels.

Female Body Types

Is there an ideal female figure? Of course, there is a standard 90x60x90, but it is rather a working podium one. In addition, at different times, very contradictory to the modern ideal, types of figures were valued.

If, at first, in the era of antiquity, the figure with long legs was the most attractive. In the Middle Ages, the woman became the true symbol of motherhood, but with the Inquisition came a new fashion. Love for magnificent forms was replaced by close attention to the thinness and pallor of the silhouette. Lush forms became feminine again only during the renaissance. At that time, a woman with naturally rounded shapes and all the folds and irregularities of the body was considered perfect.

The figure of the 20th century is a triangle. Women with toned arms and legs, flat stomachs, and narrow hips breathed a sigh of relief. But fashion is so fleeting that in the 21st century, we again took aim at slim thick body shapes, usually a big booty and big thighs with a small waist and flat stomach.

How to Define Body Type?

There are 5 main body types. They depend on the structure of the skeleton, the distribution of fat mass, and the shape of the muscles. As well as the proportions between the shoulders, chest, waist, and hips. You can be very thin or plush, but the type of figure will still be preserved.

5 main body types
Women body types
  1. Slim Thick
  2. Rectangle
  3. Triangle
  4. Apple
  5. Pear

Slim Thick

Slim Thick/bloggerbeats
Slim Thick

Slim Thick is a trending figure for women. It is also called X-type. This type of figure is considered to be a model. Whether she’s plump or slim, almost any outfit will look beautiful on her.

With voluminous breasts and buttocks, the slim thick body waist is always narrow. Now it is trendy, even with extra centimetres. And all because the upper and lower parts of the X-type look organic.



In this type of figure, the shoulders, waist, and hips are approximately equal. Most rectangle women tend to be overweight. At the same time, they have a very developed muscle memory; therefore, they have no problems losing weight when playing sports.

Rectangles suffer from a lack of a waist and a bulging belly. It’s easy to hide in clothes. Dense materials and straight silhouettes will emphasize your advantages.



Usually, this type of figure is observed in athletes and dancers. Broad shoulders, large breasts, wide waist, and narrow hips clearly show a triangle. The legs of female triangles are always slender.

Of course, with the right wardrobe, you can balance the silhouette. It is better to abandon draperies and smooth lines. A clear contour and a straight cut will emphasize your athleticism.



Girls with this figure are lucky to have slender legs and decollete “to the envy of everyone.” Experts note that many royal family women had this particular figure. Smooth lines from shoulders to hips will look majestic with the right wardrobe.

Bright makeup, a bold neckline, and open legs will divert attention from a voluminous waist. At the time of Rubens, it was you who could be in one of his paintings!



This figure is distinguished by a narrow upper body, small breasts, and wide hips. The waist is usually narrow, sometimes underestimated, and very pronounced. The pear has a feminine beard and a flat stomach. Girls with this type of figure have a beautiful thin neck, model cheekbones, and enviable collarbones.

Regardless of completeness, this type of figure is preserved. Fat is deposited mainly in the thighs and buttocks. The main thing for a pear, with any fullness, is to maintain posture. So, the proportions of the body will always look smooth and natural.

Which Figure Do Men Like the Most?

Appearance and figure are a “sore topic” and a constant subject of controversy and discussion among girls and women. The stereotypes formed by society do not give rest and constantly remind us of supposedly terrible shortcomings: either there are too many folds, or the skin is not perfect. The shape of the hips is completely depressing.

Why do girls follow all this closely, studying glossy magazines and articles by eminent nutritionists? It’s simple: to please men first of all. Hence the endless trips to fitness clubs and beauty salons for body wraps and massages, debilitating diets, and even surgical methods for body shaping. But is it worth it to torment yourself and your body like that? After all, the tastes of men are very different and sometimes radically different from women’s ideas about the ideal form. Let’s figure out how to achieve harmony with ourselves and what men still prefer to see and feel in the female body.

The fashion industry shouts, “The stronger sex loves Slim-Thick blondes!”. People are different; their views on life and others are also different. A certain percentage of men love extremes in the form of a thin body, or vice versa – they prefer rather slim-thick ladies of the “over a hundred” category.

Everyone agrees: the slim-thick shape is an instant eye-catcher

Who is Slim Thick?

This body shape is characterized by a wide top and the same wide hips but a narrow waist. Slim thick was initially popularized on social media by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner in the 2010s.

There are many reasons why men have always rated slim-thick higher than the other four.

For example, the guys felt that the Slim thick was more “balanced” and “lush”. In addition, the woman looked younger and slimmer.

In fact, scientists believe that slim-thick are attractive because they show good fertility potential. That’s why men find it irresistible!

Obviously, not all girls are born with this body but don’t worry; in this modern age, everything is possible.

How to Get Slim Thick?

The first step is to set a goal; it is essential to understand why to make so much effort. In order to make it easier for you to achieve your goal, take a piece of paper and a pen and answer the questions below:

  • Want a figure like a slim-thick?
  • Why do I need this figure?
  • By what date do I want to receive it?
  • Will I follow the recommendations?
  • How will I feel when I get my ideal figure?


To begin with, it is worth understanding what a figure is. This is a proportion between nutrition and stress (physical or mental).

From this follows two conclusions:

  • If you have excess or insufficient nutrition, it is impossible to make the figure of your dreams.
  • It is also impossible to find an ideal physique if you have insufficient or excessive loads.

Therefore, observing the proportionality between nutrition and loads is enough to make a slim-thick figure.

8 Principles of Ideal Nutrition

It is important to understand that 50% of success lies in proper nutrition. Now you will learn about 8 principles, following which you can achieve the desired results.

Nutrition Principles for The Slim-Thick Figure:

  1. 4 hours before bedtime – do not eat.
  2. More solid food (for more calories for digestion).
  3. Avoid sweets.
  4. Exclude bakery products.
  5. Calculate the number of calories needed.
  6. Increase the amount of fish and reduce the meat (fish is digested better).
  7. Eat slowly.
  8. Separate nutrition – carbohydrates and protein should be consumed at different times. For example, protein + vegetables, carbohydrates + vegetables.


In order to make a figure like a Slim thick, special exercises will be required.

For a quick and guaranteed effect, you need to use four types of exercises:


Feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, hands on hips. Inhale slowly through your nose; your goal is to draw in as much air as possible. Exhale all the air and press your stomach against your spine as hard as you can. Stay in this position for as long as possible.


Lie on any hard surface, and bend your knees. Raise the body towards the knees, and return to a horizontal position.

It is important to feel how the abdominal muscles contract (you can put your hand on your stomach). You cannot help yourself with your hands; exhalation is performed at the top point of the amplitude.


Lie down, bend your elbows and put them behind your head. Bend your knees, lean on your hands and lift your pelvis up. This exercise stretches the muscles and tones them.

It is important to fully bend your back and straighten your arms to the end. You need to feel how the abdominal muscles are stretched; this is very important. The bridge must be done after the “Twisting”. The goal is to stand as long as possible while feeling the tension in the abdominal muscles.

Buttock Bridge

This is an exercise for the formation of the gluteal muscles. Lie down, bend your knees, and put your hands along the body. Raise the body up (as in the figure), then return to the starting position. The exercise can be done with or without weights.

Final Words:

A strong pod’s Representatives are highly selective regarding female figures. It would seem that a woman is walking: ideal forms, beautiful legs – everything is with her, but a man will still find a flaw and devalue the image. Sometimes this happens when he subconsciously understands that a woman is too tough for him, even if he likes it. And if you underestimate its dignity a little, then in this way, you can reassure yourself: what’s the point of trying? There is nothing special about her. Therefore, you should not take men’s comments about your figure to heart. No matter how hard you try to match different tastes, there is still something to discuss and criticize. Love yourself and your body, and then caustic remarks will be addressed to you less and less.

Don’t humiliate yourself by trying to conform to standards. Assess your appearance adequately so as not to look for something that is not there. Any flaw can be skillfully turned into a virtue, and the body can be corrected with some effort. Accepting yourself as accurate does not mean that you stop caring for yourself. This means understanding that no one else has such features, and there will be a man who will be proud that you are so unique and inimitable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is slim thick healthy?

Yes, it’s healthy. In fact, scientists believe that a slim-thick body has good fertility potential.

What celebrity is slim thick?

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are the pioneer of slim thick body types.

Why is slim thick a trend?

Because so many men are just crazy about slim thick women.

Is Slim thick a body type?

Yes, slim thick is a body type introduced by Kim Kardashian in 2010. Women with Slim Thick body shapes have shoulders and hips are approximately equal in width with thin waist is called slim thick.

What body type is in style in 2022?

The slim thick body shape is trending in 2022

Is Slim thick genetic?

Yes, body types are genetic, but in this modern age, nothing is impossible. By choosing the proper diet and fitness program, you can achieve your dream figure in a very short period.

What is the perfect woman’s body size?

A standard ideal female figure is 90x60x90


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