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A Heart Touching Action Anime: Why You Should Watch the Anime “Spy Family”

A Heart Touching Action Anime: Why You Should Watch the Anime

The Spy Family anime was released in April, and it is already being called the main anime premiere of 2022. A spy thriller, a comedy about family values, a drama about the traumas of the past that are reflected in the present – this is an anime about everything at once. We tell you why it is worth watching even if you are indifferent to Japanese animation.

What is the Anime Spy Family?

The young man, known in espionage circles under the pseudonym Dusk, is a true master of his craft. Cold, thoughtful, calculating. He devotes himself completely to work and neglects marriage, marriage, and family. Until he is given a new assignment – to get close to the head of the Astasia National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond. And for this, Twilight needs to start a family, a wife, and a child. After all, the only place where he can cross paths with Desmond is the elite school where his son studies.

The hero is not enthusiastic, but he is a professional. He takes the name Loyd Forger and the profession of a psychiatrist. In one of the shelters, he finds a smart girl Anya. In a sewing workshop, he meets a girl named Yor, who agrees to become his wife. Each of them has their own secrets: Anya has the ability to telepathy, and Yor is a hired killer.

Why You Should Watch the Anime “Spy Family”

Interesting Main Characters

Anya is absolutely charming in her spontaneity. She, like any child, is restless and often does all sorts of stupid things that interfere with Loyd. But it’s not annoying. On the contrary, every trick of Anya makes the viewer fall in love with her even more. Especially when he learns about her background, the ability to read minds came from her for a reason. And the phrases “Am I smart?”, “Am I pretty?”, “Anya is so sad” – well, they just don’t leave a chance not to fall in love with Anya.

Despite the fact that Anya is a child, she has a character. She is persistent, brave, and stubborn. And with a craving for adventure, because she just loves cartoons about spies. Anya knows how to stand up for herself and at school, she deftly rebuffs the boys who bully her. In addition, she cutely tries to set Lloyd and Yor together so that they really fall in love with each other.

Frames from The Anime “Spy Family”

  1. Yor is self-sufficient and self-confident. But at the same time, she faces pressure from society. She is 27 years old, and colleagues at work (not the one where she is a killer, but the one where she works as a secretary) chuckle that she is not married. And even the brother pesters with constant questions.
    Yor is considered a wonderful loner. At the same time, her character cannot but have. Yor combines two personalities: sweet and kind in everyday life, merciless at work. She takes care of both her younger brother and the fictitious family. But when it comes to her covert work, Yor has a knack for bringing down even the most dangerous criminals.
  2. And another plus is that the relationship between the characters develops gradually. They do not converge in a couple of episodes, but get to know each other, get closer, and go through difficulties together, whether it is preparing Anya for an interview at school or Loyd’s acquaintance with brother Yor. The newly minted Forger family is not the only example through which the anime reveals the theme of family values. Deserves special attention and the relationship of Yor with his brother, the family of the same Donovan Desmond, and the sixth grader Bill Watkins with his father.
  3. Loyd, Yor, and Anya have a difficult past that affects their present. And, oddly enough, they find support in each other. The very first episode can move you to tears – in it Loyd talks about his childhood, about children, and about why he went into spies at all. The creators focused not only on the three main characters. Tenderness causes sixth grader Bill Watkins, who runs into the arms of his father. And Anya’s friendship with Becky’s classmate, who is initially skeptical of her. And the relationship of Damian (the son of the same Donovan Desmond) with his friends. At first glance, they seem to be the usual “singers” of a rich boy, but in fact, their connection is much deeper.

Anime About Spies and Family

This anime is about everything at once. There are also political intrigues, fights, chases, and a touch of romance.

In the Spy Family anime, the viewer mainly watches as Loyd rethinks his attitude towards the family. In his own words, he said goodbye to such a life when he decided to become a spy. But Anya and Yor melted his heart and change his attitude on this issue from series to series. It’s funny to watch how Loyd manages to combine the main mission with the parallel ones that sometimes fall out to him while maintaining the legend that he works as a psychiatrist.

Touching and Funny at The Same Time

The main humor of the anime “Spy Family” is based on the personalities of the main characters. They hide the truth from each other, and because of this they often find themselves in awkward situations. Loyd thinks like a spy, constantly probing the ground and figuring out different strategies in his head. Yor unexpectedly demonstrates his ability in martial arts. And Anya just reads their thoughts and reads them in her own way, which often leads to comical situations.

By the way, thoughts are one of the features of the series. The viewer is constantly “in the head” of the characters and knows how they actually reacted to this or that situation. And the fact that Anya can read the minds of absolutely all anime characters adds another layer of humor. Because in addition to foster parents, she still communicates with classmates, and there opens up new ground for comical moments.

Due to the fact that the characters are, to put it mildly, unusual people, in the simplest everyday situations they often do not know how to behave. And it is very funny to watch their attempts to be in the eyes of those around them as an ordinary family.

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Final Words:

Children like anime movies and also spend their maximum time watching cartoons online, so why not try to build their thinking with anime. I think this anime series is one of the best for child’s characters and thinking building to face different problems in life. Follow us on social media for more updates.


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