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How to Become a Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing Home Administrator
How to Become a Nursing Home Administrator

Can you believe that the global healthcare industry is worth around $10 trillion?

Since people will always need high-quality medical services, pursuing a healthcare career is a brilliant way to build a brighter future. Not only will you have a wonderful salary, but you can also enjoy job security.

One job in this industry that’s worth looking into more is a nursing home administrator. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get hired for this job, keep reading this guide that breaks down the top requirements.

Get the Proper Education

If you’re young and trying to figure out your ideal path, the first step is obtaining your high school diploma or GED. Afterward, you have a few different options when it comes to higher education for this specific job.

Many nursing home administrators train to become registered nurses first. This means that you could get a bachelor’s in nursing.

Some other options include earning degrees in public health administration or healthcare administration. You can view here for more information on education options.

Obtain a License for a Nursing Home Administrator

Every state has its own unique requirements for nursing home administrators. Be sure to research the exact license you’ll need to get to work as a legal nursing home administrator.

As a general rule of thumb, you should expect a requirement for an Administrator in the Training program. You can complete this program in 6 to 12 months or get up to 1,800 hours of training.

Consider Getting More Healthcare Management Experience

A nursing home administrator isn’t an entry-level job, so it’s always wise to build up your experience. You’ll be competing with other talented professionals. Any extra experience in the healthcare industry that you can bring to the table will make you more desirable.

Pursuing administrative or clinical jobs in a wide variety of medical settings will allow you to gain the skills that are necessary to thrive as a nursing home administrator.

Ensure That You Have Nursing Home Manager Skills

Nursing home administrators have to have a variety of soft and hard skills that will make them successful. As far as soft skills go, nursing home administrators should be able to manage their time, communicate well, be empathetic, and more.

When it comes to hard skills, nursing home administrators work with medical records, patient schedules, medical staff, and more. You have to juggle lots of duties at once every day.

Are You Ready to Start Applying for Nursing Home Jobs?

Being a nursing home administrator comes with so many incredible benefits. Although there are a few hoops you’ll have to jump through first, this job is quite fulfilling.

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