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The Best M4ufree Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online
The Best M4ufree Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

M4ufree is a completely free streaming site. The movies at M4ufree are all in HD quality; it is completely possible to find a very good movie of all genres. Users have reported that sometimes M4ufree does not load or resume streaming. It could be the cause of the website and its mirror not working correctly. There is a huge opportunity; the site is affiliated with Kickasstorrents. So a few months before that, Kickass.to and its Mirroring Sites were shut down from the United States for spreading piracy.

The fact that Kickasstorrents may have generated instant enough for M4ufree owners to take down the site, the site no longer has torrents in it. About 85 percent of internet traffic is infected by streaming over the internet. It can be challenging to select the most prominent Alternatives available; here we talk about the best m4ufree alternatives to watch free movies online.

What is The M4ufree?

M4ufree is a leading streaming site that offers an endless supply of HD Movies and TV Series. While most Content on M4ufrees is currently in English, there are also movies and TV Series from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe.

People also call M4ufree the Netflix of Online Free streaming, and it’s not hard to see. M4ufree has a very well-designed Online movie streaming site that takes usability to another level with this shiny UI; there are no excuses other than use. These fascinating thumbnails make it very simple to discover Movies and TV series that are fun to observe without the tedious descriptive research. Moreover, users are not forced to create an account on the site to enjoy the Movies on M4ufree.tv

Note: If you do not know, I want to tell you that M4ufree is an illegal website that allows users to download and stream movies for free. Despite the ban, the website continues to operate through various mirror sites.

M4uFree Proxy and Mirrors:

For the ease of users, several M4uFree mirrors & proxy sites are available, which are listed below.

  • m4ufree.tv
  • m4ufree.com
  • http://m4ufree.fun
  • https://m4ufree.kim
  • https://m4ufree.to
  • http://www4.m4ufree.net
  • http://m4uhd.net
  • http://them4ufree.info


Before moving forward to our topic, I want to share about m4ufreefun because it’s trending in free streaming. m4ufreefun is not a separate streaming site. Actually, it’s an alternate proxy/mirror of m4ufree. As we know, M4ufree is a pirated watching movie online website, sometime search engine filters its proxy; for that time, m4ufree offers many alternative proxies, and m4ufreefun is one of them.


However, m4ufreefun is one of the most popular, long-standing free movie streaming sites. The homepage of this m4ufreefun is elementary, with only a search bar and Category options listed. After you choose your film, you just need to click the play button to watch your favorite one.

Benefits of the m4ufreefun website include its impressive content library, HD streaming options, category variety, user-friendly interface, and more. Some drawbacks of using m4ufreefun are its unverified status and the annoying sign-up popup while watching videos; although its sign-up is free, it feels annoying and will keep you disturbed until you sign up.

Alternative Proxy and Mirrors of m4ufreefun

  • https://m4ufree.vip/
  • https://ww1.m4ufree.site/

25 Best M4uFree Alternatives:

M4ufree is still good because there’s still room for glowing new streaming sites. If your Love of Movies and TV Series is moderate, we promise it won’t take long until or unless you experience something interesting that is not accessible on M4ufree. If that happens, it’s good to have some alternatives on hand. Here is a list of the best M4ufree alternatives to watch free movies online in 2022.

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1. AZMovies


AZMovies is one of this list’s most popular free movie streaming sites. It’s a great streaming website for a wide variety of popular films. There are no restrictions on what you can watch, and you can search by actors or directors to see what’s available. The interface is easy to navigate, too. The videos are high-quality, and you can watch multiple titles simultaneously. The site is vast, and we decided to list M4ufree 1st Alternative.

AZMovies interface features a seek bar and pushed inquiry, making navigating and finding what you want easy. Another benefit is that you don’t have to put in any payment information to watch the movies. The streaming website also has a variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone.

AZMovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • azmovies.net
  • azmovies.com

2. HubFlix HD Movies:

M4uFree alternative: HubFlix

HubFlix website is another fantastic streaming website. It is a gigantic streaming site with a catalog of over 50,0000 Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada), Punjabi movies, series, and anime in English, Hindi, and Dual Audio.

This is smart because it would automatically be considered illegal if it had a streaming video player. But to maintain the status of a legal site, they avoided integrating a streaming player to avoid lawsuits and de-indexing.

Note: No doubt HubFlix is a top streaming website, but it had a mouse click redirection issue. A redirected page is opened whenever you want to click. So don’t worry; close the newly opened page and keep trying. You will get your target in 2nd or third click.  The second option to avoid this redirection issue tries the keyboard shortcut keys.

HubFlix Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • Hubflix.lol
  • Hubflix.co.in
  • Hubflix.association

See the link below for more information on the HubFlix website

HubFlix 2022: How to Download Free Latest Movies

3. Tubi

Tubi Movies and TV

Tubi free movies and tv is now a well-known streaming service that does not require a subscription. It is a great application and has one of the top streaming websites for free movies. The site offers hundreds of free films and TV shows, but as with many other sites listed here, it is ad-supported.

Other advantages of the Tubi program include simplicity of use, outstanding web user interface, HD streaming capability, mobile compatibility, and much more.

The downsides of the Tubi website are its absence of popular content, ads when playing back, and the fact that it’s not available in specific areas around the globe.

Tubi can also be downloaded as an application in the Amazon App Store, Roku Channel list, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

4. Yesmovies:


Yesmovies is a great website to watch movies and television shows worldwide. Its database is constantly updated and includes the latest releases, childhood classics, world-famous films, and regional gems. You can browse their database by genre, country, and tag. You can also read about their terms and conditions and subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with the latest releases. The site also offers a sitemap for easy navigation.

Another great feature is the ability to save favorite content to multiple devices. It also has a Cloud Base system, so you can keep it safe and accessible anywhere. It also automatically detects Chromecast devices and connects automatically. If you have a Chromecast device, you can connect it to Yesmovies and enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen.

Yesmovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://ww2.yesmovies.show/
  • https://yesmovies.bar/

5. VexMovies:


VexMovies is one of the oldest movie streaming sites in life. In addition to Hollywood blockbusters and other Western cinema staples, VexMovies also offers a large selection of Asian dramas, Japanese Anime, and Animations from around the world.

VexMovies is easy to use, with a massive collection of free movies. The database contains movies ranked by popularity and quality. VexMovies offers movie streaming with no ads and no annoying pop-ups while you watch movies. You will need a high-speed internet connection to use this website. The library is constantly updated, making it easy to find the latest movies.

VexMovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://vexmovies.pw/

6. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is the best site for you if you’re a movie lover. You can stream the latest blockbuster movies or watch classic movies on the SolarMovie site worldwide. This video streaming site has a sleek interface and an extensive library of films. The site categorizes its movies into genres, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Additionally, the site allows you to change the resolution, view subtitles, and add a movie to your personal playlist.

Some pros of using SolarMovie include its entire content library, HD streaming abilities, no registration, mobile-friendliness, and it allows users to sign in to receive updates.

SolarMovie Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • solarmovie.one
  • solarmovie.pe
  • solarmovies.video

7. FMovies:


If you like websites that use dark colors, you will love FMovies. The site even includes a helpful highlighter that lets you darken everything except the media player, making it super easy on the eyes. The media player can be controlled with downloadable keyboard shortcuts.

FMovies library is continually growing. In addition to original shows, you can watch NBC Sports, Comedy Dynamics, and Premier League TV. This service is an excellent option for fans of an old television. It also offers several movies and television shows you might not find elsewhere. FMovies also promises new content in the months to come. If you’re looking for a quality alternative to M4ufreefun, FMovies is definitely worth trying out.

FMovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://fmoviesto.site/
  • https://fmovies.taxi/
  • https://fmovies.wtf/
  • https://vw2.ffmovies.sc/

8. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming platform, which officially launched on July 15, 2020. Peacock’s interface is very easy to navigate, and its main menu offers easy access to various categories. In addition to the main menu, it provides separate sections for Movies and TV Shows and a curated list of clipped content. The service also offers live events, documentaries, and a few other categories.

The Peacock TV service is a good alternative to cable TV. Though it has only one network right now, you can combine it with other services, such as HBO Max and CBS All Access, to get the best of both worlds. While it does not feature live streaming of current shows, Peacock offers next-day access to many movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, Peacock TV streaming is unavailable in some regions; I hope it will be available soon.

9. Bmovies:


Bmovies is identical to M4ufree, which is sometimes mistakenly labeled as M4ufree Mirror. Both streaming sites offer the same kind of movies and TV shows, but you can also say that’s almost every internet streaming site. Bmovies has added a valuable property called Night Mode that inverts the color scheme and makes web pages easier on the eyes.

The Bmovies streaming site is easy to navigate, and the design is refreshing. It uses dark colors to create a modern feel. The menus are categorized as Trending, TV shows, movies, and Top IMDb. The header section shows nine options, and the search bar is a convenient feature. There are also social sharing options.

10. PrimeWire:


PrimeWire is a free online streaming service for TV shows and movies. It’s available in many languages. PrimeWire is also known as the godfather of internet Movie streaming sites. It persists for a long time, and its color begins to fade and age to grey. We don’t even want to mention the rest of its unprofessional layout. However, the rusty facade contains so much material that you’ll have to respawn at least twice to swallow them all.

The interface is easy to navigate and has a variety of language options. It’s great for tv show nerds as it offers an easy way to enjoy their favorite content without interruption. The bad thing is its vulgar ads and advertisement pop-ups that pop up on every page.

PrimeWire Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://primewire.today/
  • https://primewire.live/
  • https://www.primewire.tf/

11. 123Movies:


123Movies is another one of the most popular, long-standing free movie streaming sites on this list. It is famous for providing a wide range of Movie and TV arrangement services on the internet. The Design of This Website is vibrant, and they follow all kinds of Movie arrangements like Viking, Glimmer, Hallowed match, etc. It’s an excellent site if you use it as an M4ufree Alternative.

123Movies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://123chill.to/

12. YoMovies:


YoMovies is an up-and-coming movie streaming site that quickly understands that simplicity almost always beats sophistication. The site provides images and TV screens in 720p and 1080p resolutions, and it allows users to manually download any movie or TV screen for offline viewing. YoMovies features content from well-known providers and offers various other download and streaming locations.

YoMovies’s user interface is easy to use and has several ways to browse content. The categories list lets you browse content by genre, most recently added, featured, or recent. You can also browse by genre to find movies that you’d like to watch. You can also view recent videos or mark content for later. It is also the right choice After M4ufree.

YoMovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://yomovies.homes/

13. iOMovies:


iOMovies is a somewhat unremarkable streaming site that primarily contains more content than you might think. Like many other streaming sites, iOMovies is supported by ads, but you can avoid them by using several well-known internet browser extensions to block ads.

Another benefit of iOMovies is that you don’t have to sign up for an account. Most other streaming services require you to log in to use their services. This makes it much easier to watch shows without signing up for an account. In addition to an extensive library, iOMovies also has various original content. This is the best solar alternative.

14. BobMovies:


BobMovies is a popular video-on-demand streaming service that offers a great selection of free movies and TV shows. It’s an unusual Free Movies distribution site that presents an attractive Ads-free interface and provides viewers with English language movies and TV shows. With that, you are guaranteed a complex, often vibrant attachment to the most premium Streaming destinations.

The service is available on many platforms and has an impressive movie library. It’s a good Website like M4ufree.

BobMovies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://bobmovie.xyz/

15. Cineb


Cineb is a free movie streaming site with an excellent design, but it doesn’t offer the same smooth navigation and user experience as Netflix and Hulu. The home page has a simple search bar and a collapsible navigation menu. Another advantage of Cineb is its embedded media player. It also has the option to switch between servers and enable subtitles or download videos while streaming.

Cineb is an average alternative to M4ufree and is an average choice for film lovers. It’s still an excellent option for those who want to watch movies online without spending any money.

Cineb Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://cineb.art/home
  • https://cineb.net/

16. GoStream:


GoStream offers us free movies with ads-free features, and the website makes it clear that it is always open to discussions with copyright holders. When we were working on a favorite website with some of the most notable blockbusters that are trending right now.

Other benefits of streaming free movies on GoStream include its ease of use, excellent website interface, mobile-friendliness, and more.

Some downsides of watching movies on GoStream include its lack of popular content.

17. iBomma Movies:

M4uFree alternative: iBomma movies

Basically, iBomma movies is a Telugu movie streaming website, but now it provides all regions and languages of movies, series, and anime. Like other streaming sites, it had the same redirect issue on mouse clicks. This redirection issue can be avoided by using keyboard shortcut keys. Hope you know better after HubFlix uses how to pass this issue.

Indeed, iBomma differs from other streaming sites because it does not ask you to log in and does not display pop-ups. You can stream all the content you want without logging in. And that’s the beauty of this site.

iBomma Movies Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://www.ibomma.net/

18. MyFlixer


MyFlixer is an online streaming website that features free movies, TV shows, and other content from major studios and television networks. Although the content is not legal, the website does not charge users for it. However, there has been a lot of talk about the future of the website and whether it will be shut down.

The site features a clean design and has a good number of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can search for free movies or TV shows or filter by genre. In addition, you can view movies and TV shows with IMDB ratings. You can also hover over a title to get basic information.

Another benefit of MyFlixer is that you don’t have to have a user account to watch the movies. You can watch movies and TV shows in HD quality at no cost. You can also download free movies. You can choose from different genres, including action, comedy, and horror movies. There are few advertisements, and the website doesn’t redirect you to outside websites.

MyFlixer Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://myflixer.life/
  • http://myflixer.site/

19. Vumoo


The Vumoo website offers high-definition streaming of movies and TV shows. It offers a wide variety of genres and regularly updated content. Its simple and clean design makes it easy to use on mobile devices and computers. Its search function is also excellent, with options to sort by genre and category. You can also search by title to find specific content. While the site can sometimes be slow to load, the videos are always high-quality.

The Vumoo website also offers a variety of free movie downloads. You can watch hot new releases and download them to your computer. You can also stream and download HD TV shows, documentaries, and sports events. There are no subscription fees or hidden fees. This makes it an excellent choice for movie fans who want to catch the latest TV shows or movies.

Vumoo Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://vumoo.vip/

20. Plex


Plex is a streaming media player platform that uses a client-server architecture. It helps organize and stream media from user collections and online services. Plex, Inc., is an American company that makes a variety of media-sharing products. The media player platform can be used by both individual users and businesses.

The hardware required for a Plex server varies, but generally, a desktop-grade processor is recommended. However, mobile devices and low-powered processors can be used as well. In general, a desktop-grade processor has enough power to support a large number of simultaneous viewers.

The Plex interface is very user-friendly. The Plex viewer and other Plex apps have easy-to-use browsable libraries. Users can also share their libraries with others, which is a great way to give friends access to your media. This is an excellent alternative to third-party cloud services but has some limitations. The speed and bandwidth of your internet plan will determine how much media can be shared.

21. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is a free streaming site that offers a massive database of movies and TV shows. The database is regularly updated, so you’ll never miss a new movie. Users can search for movies by genre, category, or top IMDB-rated movies. You can also customize your viewing experience by changing the video quality.

The site is safe to use, but there are some things you should be aware of. For instance, you can’t remove closed captions from movies. However, these are not intrusive and do not take up much screen space. Other than that, MoviesJoy is well-designed and free from ads. It has a large library of over a thousand movies and TV shows. MoviesJoy stands out from the crowd with its better aesthetics and functionality.

MoviesJoy Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • http://moviesjoy.life/
  • http://moviesjoy.pw/

22. Soap2Day


Soap2Day is a free streaming site that offers users a wide range of media. This site offers no advertising and has no pop-ups, so you can watch the media of your choice for free. You also do not need to download any additional software to enjoy the content. Another advantage of this streaming site is that it offers free HD content.

Soap2Day also features a friendly support team and updates its content weekly. Users can choose from a wide variety of genres to view. The quality of the streams is good. Moreover, you can also subscribe to a VPN to protect your connection from hackers. Another benefit of Soap2Day is that it also provides upcoming TV shows.

Soap2Day is accessible on mobile devices as well, making it easy for users to watch the content no matter where they are. The website has been designed for mobile devices and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Besides this, Soap2Day also offers various categories and genres of content. In addition to watching movies, you can also watch cartoons, dramas, and much more.

Soap2Day Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://soap2day.ac

23. ActVid


If you are looking for a new way to watch movies, you may want to check out ActVid. It is a free streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and more wherever you are. Not only is Actvid free to use, but it also offers an extensive library of content.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you know that the website provides thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, and music. While you can’t sort these by popularity or rating, you can browse by director or actor. ActVid is identical to Netflix; it also features trending videos and new titles that have been added in the past month. You can watch popular movies like Carrie, Left Behind, and Helen or just browse through what’s available.

ActVid Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://actvid.net

24. MovieStars


MovieStars offers free movies to watch, but they don’t hold the rights to the movies they show. This makes it challenging to keep track of new releases, and some movies are no longer available. As a result, it’s best to use a legitimate free movie streaming website.

The site also has a large library of unique collections, like Bollywood Dreams and K-Drama Plus. It also features new releases that are added regularly. If you don’t like the default selection of movies, you can easily add custom channels of your choice. The content is updated regularly, so you can always find something new to watch.

The best parts we found with MovieStars were the lower ad frequency, impressive movie selection, and simple navigation.

25. StreamM4u


The StreamM4u service has a great database of movies, TV shows, and other content. It is also free to use and does not require registration. However, some things to watch out for when using the service, like pop-up ads. However, these are normal with any movie streaming service and will appear no more than twice during your entire visit. If you are a movie buff, this service is worth checking out.

This service has a simple layout and is very easy to use. Its search bar makes it easy to find the movie or TV show you are looking for. It offers several different servers and allows you to watch movies in HD. You can also read reviews before watching. Once you have found a movie or TV show you’d like to watch, you can download it to watch later.

The main complaint of StreamM4U users is that the site does not have enough content to satisfy all tastes. StreamM4U has a limited library of movies and TV shows, but it is acceptable for movie-watching.

StreamM4u Alternate Proxy and Mirrors

  • https://stream4u.io
  • https://streamm4u.ws

Final Thoughts

M4ufree has driven many Streaming Websites to follow in its footsteps and offers a large selection of New Movies and Free TV Shows to audiences worldwide. In This Content, We Have Mentioned the Top 25 Alternatives to M4ufree, which can be found in 2022, that you use when the main website is down. We’ve also clarified why you shouldn’t access M4ufree without a trusted VPN service. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Special Note: While free movie streaming sites are popular, they have risks. Because they often contain pirated content, they can be subject to piracy charges. This can be extremely expensive for you if you’re caught without paying. However, most legal actions against free sites are focused on the owners of the content, not the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites?

The best free movie streaming sites include M4ufree, AZMovies, YesMovies, SolarMovie, PrimeWire, Vumoo, and many others on this list.

Are free movie streaming sites legal?

There are multiple views about streaming sites’ legality. No, it’s not Legal. Because they often contain pirated content, they can be subject to piracy charges. However, most legal actions against free sites are focused on the owners of the content, not the users.

Are free movie streaming sites safe?

While many free movie streaming sites are safe to use, there are some that contain suspicious files.

Do You Need a VPN for Free Movie Streaming Sites?

No, it’s not necessary. You can use a VPN if you want to hide your streaming activities and protect yourself from website operators, hackers, and your ISP.

What Happens if You Get Caught Using Free Movie Streaming Sites?

If you are caught using free movie streaming sites to watch copyrighted content, you may face legal issues, and they can be subject to piracy charges.


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