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Liquid Imodium for Dogs: Use of Imodium for Dogs Diarrhea

Liquid Imodium for Dogs: Use of Imodium for Dogs Diarrhea
Liquid Imodium for Dogs: Use of Imodium for Dogs Diarrhea

Diarrhea in the dog is a fairly common phenomenon, affecting him / his guardian. A digestive disorder in a dog can be an annoying episode that does not affect the dog’s future life. But sometimes diarrhea in a four-legged pet indicates damage to internal organs. Before giving your dog an enter-o-viral or an aromatic herb, analyze what events could cause frequent bowel movements in the animal. Imodium is sometimes used in dogs to help with granular stools, but as with any medicine, it is wise for dog owners to understand exactly what they are giving their dog. How does Imodium work and whether its use is safe or not? Luckily, this guide is all about liquid Imodium for dogs.

What is Imodium?

Imodium is an over-the-counter antidiarrheal medication used for the treatment of diarrhea in humans and also used with dogs. It’s really the brand name for a molecule known as Loperamide. The basic advantage of this medication it’s readily availability on the market.

This drug melts quickly in the blood and shows improvement by decreasing diarrhea. When a puppy has loose stools, its food motility is affected. So most heartburn medications, such Imodium as well, slow down food in your pup’s intestines. In this way, the intestines absorb all the water from the food. Plus, it helps your dog’s body produce firm stools.

What does that mean exactly? Goodbye, runny poo! It seems that the use of loperamide or Imodium also has particular disadvantages. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy for dogs to overdose on loperamide. This is especially risky for dogs weighing less than 9 pounds. With this in mind, you should always consult your dog’s veterinarian before giving any medication.

Talking about these side effects is not to stop you from using the drugs. Before we get into the side effects discussion, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of using Imodium for dogs.

Imodium Benefits for Dogs:

Imodium might just be the drug to prevent dog diarrhea. However, the benefits of this miraculous drug do not end there. Ignoring the dangers, there are many other benefits of Imodium.

Here is a list of all Imodium benefits for dogs.

1. Treat Diarrhea:

The main purpose of Imodium is to prevent diarrhea in dogs. In other words, it moves to make sure your dog’s body is functioning properly and absorbing your food. If the food is moving too quickly or your dog’s body is not absorbing it properly, then your dog’s guts want medicine.

2. Firm Stools:

Slow motility, less water, more absorption. This describes how Imodium works on your dog’s body. It slows down food and helps the human body extract water or electrolytes. This essentially puts the food to rest, allowing your dog’s body to process it even better. Because of this, the stools are firm and only pass waste, possibly not doggo food.
A chart that will help you specify the consistency of your dog’s feces.

3. Helpful in Other Gastrointestinal Problems:

The benefits of Imodium are not limited to diarrhea. The drug may also be useful against a number of gastrointestinal conditions such as:

  • Colitis
  • Malabsorption
  • Maldigestion, and
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

In other words, Imodium or loperamide works effectively against many gastrointestinal conditions. Remember that you should always stop using the drug after 5 times and consult the vet when symptoms persist. Imodium is the best medicine to relieve and relax your dog.

4. Reduce Fluid Loss:

Diarrhea and other health issues will immediately drain your pup’s body. Imodium helps control these functions and also allows your dog’s body to extract all essential nutrients from food. Each of the electrolytes is absorbed by the intestines and thus the body carries its own fluids.
This concludes our long list of benefits of Imodium dogs. Next, let’s look at ways to properly manage Imodium in dogs so your pet can recover quickly and be healthy.

Good Imodium Administration:

The management of Imodium is quite simple. The drug can be found in two ways; Imodium or EZ chewable liquid. Dogs can be very stubborn and resistant to chewing. In case your dog does not like the flavor or avoids them, then it is possible to opt for the liquid remedy.

For the liquid remedy, you can pour it over your dog’s food. Usually, veterinarians suggest providing dull food to dogs when they are struggling with diarrhea. Many veterinarians also suggest seeking help if the medication does not progress within 48 hours. It should also be totally closed if you’ve used it 5 consecutive times but your pup isn’t getting much healthier.

Liquid Imodium Dose:

Considering liquid Imodium, more than 7.5 ml of this liquid includes 1 mg of loperamide. You can give up to 0.5 ml of Imodium for each pound of your dog’s weight two or three times a day. Imodium works quickly in treating your dog’s diarrhea. It helps the intestines to draw in water and allows food to be processed gradually. The lifespan of loperamide’s only a few hours, that’s why the drug work wonders in a short time.

Final Thoughts:

Most of the time people share their pet problems with friends or neighbors and use medicine on their friend’s experience, the medicine that helped the friend or Neighbor get rid of diarrhea may not be right for your pet. You need to take a closer look at the overall well-being of your four-legged friend. For infectious diseases in four-legged pets, enteroviral is effective (it is best for dogs to give the drug in suspension form). But the medicine will only help if the puppy’s stool disorder was caused by bacteria or viruses. In case of any dramatic changes in the animals’ condition (blood in the stool, strange behavior), it would be wise to show the pet to the vet.


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