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Youzik: Best YouTube MP3 Converter

Youzik: Best YouTube MP3 Converter
Youzik: Best YouTube MP3 Converter

On the Internet, there are many sites that allow you to convert streaming videos to MP3 format. However, not all of them are very reliable or functional. Some of these sites don’t work at all, while others are slow and then provide you with a pretty low-quality MP3 file. Amongst its YouTube to MP3 converters, Youzik particularly stood out.

Downloading music in MP3 format is still relevant. Although we tend to prefer formats with better audio quality, MP3 still has its popularity and offers unparalleled simplicity. Compatible with all platforms and all software, it is the reference format for listening to music everywhere and on all devices.

We invite you to discover Youzik, its features, and its new address.

Youzik: YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube does not allow you to download videos via its application (at least for free), it must be in the foreground while listening to music. You will therefore need to use a YouTube MP3 converter.

There are several ways to extract audio from YouTube videos. Either install a free YouTube mp3 converter on your computer or use a website.

You can choose from dozens or even hundreds of solutions, but not all are created equal. Some are very slow to convert and download, while others are filled with ads or difficult to use. Youzik is currently the best-known of all.

Why Youzik is the Best

Youzik is a site whose operation is very simple. Its accessibility undoubtedly explains a large part of its success. If it is so well thought out, it is because Youzik is not the first site of its kind to emerge. Its developers have therefore had the time to draw inspiration from its predecessors to offer the fastest and most intuitive experience possible.

On Youzik, it is therefore very easy to download any music video from YouTube to MP3 format in just a few minutes. In addition, the MP3s produced by Youzik are of excellent quality and will allow you free and unlimited access to all your favorite songs. However, this service can only be used for music videos.

However, you should know that Youzik is a service that also has certain limitations. The most obvious of all is that the download may not work if you have an active ad blocker. No particular reason is specified, but such a convenient and free service can be forgiven for encouraging you to make money from advertising for it.

However, pay attention to the legal framework. You can only download a video if you have permission from the copyright owner. The social media terms of service explicitly prohibit unauthorized uploads.

New Youzik Address

Be aware that the YouTube free mp3 download site changes its address frequently. Currently, the new converter address is: Youzik.app/youtube-mp3-20

Youzik features are accessible on your computer using a Firefox or Chrome browser. To make it easier for you, you can also install an add-on. The tool works with major web browsers including Google Chrome and Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Youzik also has a mobile app for faster conversion. It is currently only compatible with Android smartphones.

How To Download Music with Youzik

Downloading on Youzik is done in a direct and fast way without any problem. Here are the steps to follow:

To start, go to YouTube and make a list of music to download, via a public or private playlist for example. There are certain playlists grouping similar styles of music, or albums of certain groups in order to make your task easier. Preferably choose music on the official channels of the artists, in order to have the best possible quality.

  • Go to Youzik from a new tab in your browser then copy the link (URL) of one of the videos in your list via the browser’s search bar or from the share option on YouTube.
  • To download the music on your smartphone, you just need to use the sharing function to be able to retrieve the video link. This is therefore done if you are on the YouTube application which does not have a URL and not on the website.
  • Paste the link in the search bar on Youzik, then press the “search” button.
  • Click on the small cloud to display the downloads page on the Youzik site.
  • Click on “Download MP3” or “Download MP4” (the “Download MP3 in HD” option refers to a paid offer that we absolutely do not recommend).
  • Once the magic of the conversion is done, and if everything went well, all you have to do is go look in your downloads!

Following this, you can therefore put the music on your smartphone for free. For “Apple Users “, you just need to use software like iTunes for iPhone, and iPad.

For Android devices, you can directly put the music on an SD card or move it to the internal memory of your smartphone using the micro-USB or USB type C cable. Once this is done, you can store and sort your music in the folders and playlists of your choice.

Final Thoughts

With all its features and simple interface, Youzik is the best free YouTube to MP3 converter in our opinion. The ability to download at a high bit rate of 320kbps for good quality audio tracks. Also, you can use this service to download YouTube videos in 1080p Full HD directly. So not only does it make it a good converter, but also a complete online YouTube video downloader.


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