WhatsApp Will Allow You to Edit Sent Messages

WhatsApp Major Features are Under Development and will be Launched Soon

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platforms. It allows the user to send voice and text messages. From time to time Whatsapp launched different updates to meet user requirements. Recently, Whatsapp announced that some major features are under development such as group polls and WhatsApp premium, etc.

WhatsApp is finally focusing on developing more messaging features, and we are happy to announce what the next major feature is today. It will be possible to correct typos and quickly rewrite something. WhatsApp with one of the next updates will receive the function of editing text messages after they are delivered.

This innovation has so far been noticed only in the Android version, which is not available even to beta testers. A little later, the same feature will be tested on iOS and desktop computers.

It is likely that WhatsApp will not have a history of changes to check previous versions of edited messages, but it is too early to draw conclusions before the release, insiders say.

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