Vivo Future in Pakistan

Technology advancements touching high to the sky in this century and advancements in telecommunication make the world a global village. So in this advanced day and age Mobile phone becomes everyone’s necessity. In the recent past Bar phones ruled, but the development of the android operating system Acquaint smartphones. Now smartphones become an integral part of the life of all ages and backgrounds.

Use of Smartphone:

Smartphones are used in many different ways like video or audio talk, messaging, social media, web browsing, selfies, and even for calculators, time, and calendars.

In the early days of the Smartphone invention, it was not easy to buy a Smartphone because of the high cost and limited brands. But with the passage of time different companies introduce their smartphones. However, China companies explore telecommunication and compete for the high-cost mobiles with low-cost and high features phones. And Vivo Technology Company is one of them.

Vivo Communication Technology:

It’s a Chinese technology company founded in 2009 with the ‘Vivo’ logo that creates great products based on a design-driven value, with smart devices and intelligent services as its core. The company develops its own Funtouch OS Android-based software. Vivo is an independent company and develops its own products. It has more than 10,000 employees, with research and development centers in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

In 2015, Vivo was ranked among the top 10 smartphone makers, achieving a global market share of 2.7%. In June 2017, it entered the Pakistan smartphone market. The Vivo brand is currently experiencing rapid growth and popularity in Pakistan.

Vivo Future in Pakistan:

Vivo is a top leading mobile phone brand in Pakistan. It’s a global technology company, that focuses on smart devices and intelligent services to explore technology innovations. Vivo has 5 global brand-authorized manufacturing centers all over the world including China (Chongqing), China (Dongguan), India (Noida), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Indonesia (Tangerang). Recently, Vivo also announced its 1st production center in Pakistan. After completion of this manufacturing center, Vivo’s total score of brand authorized manufacturing centers will be six all over the world. The company’s extensive product line of Smartphone and Smartphone accessories will now be produced locally in Pakistan.

The manufacturing plant of Vivo technology is established in Faisalabad industrial state with approximately 10 million US dollar investment. This domestic setup of manufacturing leads to a golden initiative of ‘Made in Pakistan’. It does not only help the economy to generate a healthy revenue; however, it will also generate local employment and will also encourage other global brands to start their local manufacturing in Pakistan.
According to the statistics, Vivo has 3.3 million users in Pakistan and 400 million all over the world. Demands for smartphones are increasing day by day not only locally in Pakistan and also all over the world. The company plans to provide the most current and technologically advanced products to Pakistan, and its development of high-tech smartphones will assist the company to increase in sales of Vivo’s products.

Vivo specialties:

Vivo works on all aspects of modern smartphones. However, they are specialists in camera, bezel-less display, in-display fingerprint scanner, and slim design, and much more.

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