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How to Intrigue Everyone without Saying a Word

How to Intrigue Everyone
How to Intrigue Everyone

Personality has the power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.

Everyone in the world wants to have an influential personality. Unfortunately, not everyone is successful to acquire this. Have you ever seen those successful people who chitchat confidently at business meetings or comfortably at social parties? Actually, they are strong personality influencers and know very well How to Intrigue Everyone without Saying a Word. They Intrigue everyone without saying a single word. On another side, Sometimes you see a man who spent hours and hours in a gathering but unable to have a chitchat with a single one. This unsuccessful man never realizes that the rejection was his own fault. He will never know he blew the event, the friendship, or the deal because of his own communications faults.

It’s as though, successful people have a bag of tricks or magic that turns everything into success. People think they inherited it, others say they married it or were just plain lucky. But this is not as the peoples think; a lot of them are not smarter than you. They are not more educated than you. They are also not even good-looking. So what is it?

Actually, they earned this personality Intrigue with education and tricks. They polish and cant shunt their personality and fit themselves in people’s eyes, here we discuss the top 5 tricks to intrigue, anyone, without saying a single word.

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“Once you meet someone you only have Ten Seconds to Show yourself,”

  1. Your Appearance
  2. Your Posture
  3. Way you Move
  4. Your Magical Smile
  5. Your Eye Ball

Your Appearance:

It’s a very famous quote that the first impression is the last impression; whatever you wear always keep in mind that your first look engraves your personality in the watcher’s heart and will be the first step to how to Intrigue Everyone. Your appearance would be according to the venue, your age group, and current fashion as well.

Venue matter a lot, because you can’t wear an updated fashion dress at the Funeral, and you never fit yourself with a pent-coat where all party members wear shalwar-Kamiz. Maybe you look prominent with a different dress but you can’t engrave a good personality in the watcher’s heart.

A man above 50 ages never fit himself in 30age group cloths, because human body transforms with the passage of time. A young man has a strong six-pack body, and fit dresses charm his personality whereas fit dresses can’t cover the loose drum body of the old man. So make your appearance Intrigue.

Here I want to quote my uncle’s example because he fit in with this trick exactly. His qualification was not so good but he always maintained himself like an educated person, whenever peoples met him they found an intriguing personality and deal him like a professor. Because whenever people meet you, they take an instant mental snapshot of your personality and deal with you according to that snapshot.

Your Posture:

Your strong words never ever Intrigue you. Every small movement and body position will howl your thoughts. Your body discredits your words. So keep your posture upright and control your facial expressions because your face can make thousands of different expressions, and each exposes exactly who you are and what you are thinking at any particular moment.

Have you ever seen those people who play with their fingers and lips moments? Actually, they are hiding themselves in these moments. They are unable to face a single man because they are diffident. So always be confident because you’re facing the same creatures that you are. Your unnecessary body moments can destroy your personality impact.

The way you Move:

The way you move actually is your autobiography in action. Each physical moment subliminally tells the story of your life to everyone. And you hear thousand and thousand times that Human natures never change.
How is human nature built? Actually, your life span like bringing up the background, schooling, and Friends Company built your nature. You can’t change your nature but you can control it for a short moment.

Your Magical Smile:

A smile is one of the most powerful weapons to win friends and Influence People. Your first smile can hook people toward you. No doubt smiley face will engulf the recipient like a warm wave.

Sometimes, you heard people complaining that party honor welcomes me with a fake smile. Peoples even notice your smile expression so always convinces people without any delay that your smile is genuine and only for them. Now I will sum up my words on the smile with the last trick. Don’t flash an immediate smile to someone always first look at the other person’s face for a second and then pass your true smile.

Your Eye Ball:

The most powerful communications tool you have that are your eyes. Your eyeballs are the tools that have the power to ignite people’s emotions. In simple words, it’s known as eye-contact techniques. Maintaining strong eye contact with feelings of respect and affection will create an intelligent and abstract thinker impression. Because abstract thinkers integrate incoming data more easily than concrete thinkers, they can continue looking into someone’s eyes even during the silence. With one click you can find hundreds of papers study on eye-contact techniques.

I will end my topic with Dale Carnegie’s words:

“He said success lay in smiling, showing interest in other people, and making them feel good about themselves.”


  1. Waaah saadir saaab Kia baaat hai … yeh line buht ahlaa likhi hai… Don’t flash an immediate smile to someone always first look at the other person’s face for a second and then pass your true smile.

  2. Don’t flash an immediate smile to someone always first look at the other person’s face for a second and then pass your true smile.

    Great line…

  3. Every word in this blog is exactly true as personality of human is sorrounded by these gestures. Every thing counts when it comes to have an attractive attitude your behavior way of engagement with others & your way of thinking matters which makes you a noble human being , a respacted citizen of your society.

  4. Great Sir,
    Every word and every line is truly amazing. I considered these words as a rays of Sunshine for those who really wants to be a Confident and Successful Person. So received my best wishes for You as sharing a bouquet of roses word for Us all. Sir, “You always know how to find the silver lining.”


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