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How to Improve Hand-Writing Skills

How to Improve Hand-Writing Skills
How to Improve Hand-Writing Skills

Writing is the process of framing our thoughts into words and writing them down. In the current digital century, everything becomes digitalized, especially the grooming of children. Children spend maximum time on digital devices such as seeing cartoons and playing games on mobiles, tabs, or laptops. Due to these habits, the present generation lacks writing skills, leading to many problems in the future. Moreover, educational institutions are also neglecting this problem which leads to serious consequences for writing skills. Writing is a skill that cannot be ignored; in this short read, we will discuss how to improve writing skills.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills:

This is a very powerful tool, as it helps one to constantly monitor things in one’s personal or professional life and remember what was written years later. Whether it is working with a blue-collar or working with a white-collar, writing is the most important skill that every job seeker should have. Applying for a job or writing during a business contract is a basic skill, writing these business letters, effective writing makes the process easier.

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Technical Aspects of Hand-Writing:

There are a lot of people who are not happy with their writing – they do not like it. This category of people includes doctors, engineers, etc. And do not say that you did not try to read what the doctor wrote in your medical file. Basically, writing develops through our aesthetic-motor, perceptual and cognitive abilities. This complex process is often difficult to learn, let’s discuss the basic aspects of hand-writing.

1. Pen/Pencil Holding

The first and basic aspect of handwriting is pen/pencil holding. The correct writing is done with the tripod grip which is your thumbs, and middle index finger. When you start to hold a pencil in his hands, you will go through all the stages of holding until you come to the right way. Through this process, you exercise your fine motor skills, and if there is a child you do not need to force him to immediately learn the right grip. Growing up, his grip needs to be improved so that he can come up with the right way to write.

To change your handwriting to beautiful and uniform, pay close attention to how the writing process takes place and what muscles you use while doing it. If you are very tense in the writing process, then this will be clearly expressed in letters. Because beautiful writing uses the muscles of the whole arm, even the shoulder, so do not hold back, relax and you will notice how the writing changes.

2. Have Good Writing Example In Front Of Your Eyes

It is recommended to have in front of your eyes a good example of writing, which in your opinion is considered ideal. Alternatively, computer fonts, handwritten by your friends and relatives, may be used.

You should start training by writing down individual items. Remember your first lesson when you wrote a squiggle of more than one line in your notebook? It’s time to remember this carefree moment! To write the details of the letters and the letters themselves, you can also use school notebooks, which today can be easily purchased at any stationery store.

3. Find the Right Writing Equipment

Personal preferences are already important here, some like to write in pencil, others with a pen, some like to write on a whiteboard, and others in a notebook. When choosing, rely not on design, but on the comfort and convenience you will experience while writing. The ink of the pen should be bright, but do not get dirty when you write, otherwise, no matter how hard you try, there will be no beautiful handwriting.

The paper you will write should be of high quality, it is best to have a separate notebook. Choose accessories from the beginning that make you want to improve. The notebook should be raised in a cage or ruler so that you can see straight lines and try to fit in the space that corresponds to a letter.

If you manage to create comfortable conditions, you will enjoy both the learning process and the writing itself. So do not rush to start writing right away, evaluate yourself, buy quality consumables and move on to the next step.

4. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

This old saying is still true today. Practicing not only helps one build one’s vocabulary but also polishes one’s writing skills.

  • Continuous practice and accuracy is the key. Shortcuts cannot be applied to this technique.
  • Take time to write on a daily basis. Writing a daily diary can help one improve on a daily basis.
  • Focus on the technical aspects of writing.

Writing is an ongoing process, so it takes patience to improve. Over time, one can improve one’s writing skills and become more proficient.

5. Learn and Learn

The essential part of how to improve your writing skills is to never stop learning. Always have a positive attitude and learn from mistakes.

Treat the Treasure as a companion and improve your vocabulary on a daily basis. One must be aware of all the new writing trends and techniques. Learning never stops and one must always take a humble approach while learning from others. Even modern ones need to be followed for improvement.

6. Receive Feedback from Others

Last but not least, you should not hesitate to get help from others. Constructive criticism is always knowledgeable, as it helps one to improve. Feedback helps eliminate and correct writing errors. It even gives an implication as to how the message is perceived by people.

It opens up room for improvement and can help someone improve their writing skills. In fact, criticism is a form of communication. It can be brutally difficult to accept criticism, but a positive attitude is the key.


In short, write with a purpose in mind. Error-free writing is what catches the eye. Even a small mistake can ruin an entire article or message and give a picture of unprofessional behavior. Accept the weaknesses and work hard to strengthen them.


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