How to Detect and Remove Spy Apps on Your Phone

The Smartphone has become a fundamental part of our lives, being a device from which various activities are managed. It is common that from it, you access your email accounts & bank accounts, and store information of your interest. This has resulted in cybercriminals developing a series of software that is fraudulently installed on the phone. Their intention is to access your personal and banking data, in order to make you the target of scams and blackmail. Usually, these malicious programs are installed as applications that are not easy to detect and which send information to cybercriminals. To guard against this here is the most effective way to detect and remove spy apps from your phone.

Types of Spy Apps:

These programs can be installed remotely by scammers, or by people who have access to your device. In general, you will find two types of spy applications that you should beware of.


It is a malicious program that is installed remotely on the mobile phone in different ways. The most important are the following:

  1. Application Download: It may be that when you access the Play Store you download a malicious application that has evaded Google’s security. Therefore, never download an application form which you have no reference.
  2. Fraudulent Advertising: It occurs when the cyber criminal pretends to be a company representative and offers you a program to access a service. By doing so, you download the spy app on the mobile phone.
  3. Ads: Sometimes when pop-up ads appear while browsing the web and you click on them, the malicious application is downloaded. Once installed, the application has access to your personal data and can send it remotely. Also, it is possible that it records both audio and videos and accesses your browsing history, so you can be a target of identity theft, scams, and fraud, among others.


This application is physically installed on the phone by a person close to you, such as parents, partners, or friends. Unlike spyware, the information is sent directly to whoever installed the application. With these types of spy apps, they can monitor your geographical location, your text messages as well as phone calls. These have become a serious problem associated with gender violence as well as avenues for extortion and blackmail.

How to Detect Spy Apps on Your Phone?

To find out if you have one of these applications installed on your phone, you need to pay attention to certain inconveniences or behaviors of the device:

  • The operating speed is very slow, both when starting up and when turning off the phone. Likewise, it is perceived that applications take a long time to load, and working with the device is heavy.
  • Because spyware is constantly scanning device information, it tends to consume a lot of power. Therefore, you will begin to notice that the battery lasts much less time, even if it is in perfect condition.
  • You begin to notice a large number of pop-up windows appearing on the phone’s main screen. Spyware generates numerous notifications or advertisements, which disappear when you digitally swipe them.
  • You realize that there is excessive data consumption that does not correspond to your browsing pattern or use of the device.
  • Applications installed on the phone appear that you did not specifically download. Also, be suspicious when applications are not working properly or the device is frequently generating new settings.
  • You begin to notice that the device is overheating frequently, which may be caused by the way the spyware runs programs. However, it also rules out if there is any physical problem with the equipment.

For greater security, the most convenient thing is that you go to experts like the ones who are in investigation agencies. Its investigation and digital security department will carry out an exhaustive and professional review of the device in order to verify the presence of a spy application and subsequently eliminate it.

What Should I do to Remove Spy Apps on My Phone?

Once you have determined the presence or suspicion that you have a spy application on the Smartphone, it is necessary to eliminate it. For this, different ways can be followed.

Install a Spyware Removal Program:

These are apps capable of automatically detecting and eliminating all malware found on your device. However, you must be very careful about the source from which you obtain and download the application.

In the Play Store, it is best to select reliable applications, recommended by users.

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