Google Will Remove Users’ Personal Data from Search Results

Big Announcement by Google

Google has announced an update to its privacy policy. Users will now be able to request that their personal data be removed from searches, including:

  • Personal contact information such as all types of contact numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.
  • Identification documents such as images, ID cards, and passports.
  • Confidential credentials, if they were somehow leaked to the Network.

The developers note that the availability of personal contact information on the Internet can be used to harm, including for unwanted direct contact or even physical harm. The new policy is being introduced after a series of requests from users who wanted to remove their data.

To make a request to remove information from search results, you will need to submit a special application on the Google website, after which the information will be hidden. At the same time, the company’s developers note that deleting content from the search will not lead to its removal from the Internet. Therefore, for complete peace of mind, you will need to contact directly the site where this data is located.

End of last year, Google implemented a policy allowing people under 18 or their parents or guardians to request that their images be removed from search results.

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