Home News A New Folding Phone Is Coming: Vivo X Fold +

A New Folding Phone Is Coming: Vivo X Fold +

A New Folding Phone Is Coming: Vivo X Fold +
A New Folding Phone Is Coming: Vivo X Fold +

The new folding Vivo X Fold + will be presented in China on September 26 and will have the top-of-the-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor on board.

Also Vivo, a brand of the giant BBK confirms its interest in folding smartphones, and for this market segment that seems to be increasingly promising. In fact, from its official channel on the Chinese social network Weibo, Vivo has posted the invitation to the presentation of the new folding smartphone Vivo X Fold +. The presentation will take place on September 26th at 7pm (Chinese time).

Vivo X Fold + is the ” plus ” version of the top of the folding range already presented last April in China, the Vivo X Fold with booklet opening. They are both products designed for the Chinese domestic market, but it is not excluded that in the coming months or at the beginning of 2023 they may also arrive in international markets, including Europe and Italy.

How Vivo X Fold + Specifications

The results of the tests on the Vivo X Fold + appeared on the AnTuTu benchmark platform, as always accompanied by some technical specifications, such as the processor architecture. From this, we know that on the new phone there will be the top of the range Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, a detail that would also justify the ” Plus ” in the name of the phone. The memories combined with the 8 + Gen 1, according to AnTuTu, are 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space.

The display measures are unknown for now, but they could remain the same seen on the Vivo X Fold already on the market, characterized by slightly more square proportions than competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (21: 9 for the Vivo, 23.1: 9 for the Samsung). So on the Vivo X Fold Plus, we will probably find the same 8-inch foldable OLED internal panel with 2K resolution and the 6.53-inch FHD + external panel and both equipped with the 120 Hz refresh rate.

Furthermore, from the previews made by Vivo on Weibo, we also know that the cameras will have the T * Zeiss anti-reflective coating just like the current model, so it is credible that the sensors are the same: 50 MP main, 48 MP wide angle, 5X periscope zoom. 8MP and 12MP fixed 2X zoom, with a 12MP front camera.

The battery capacity could fluctuate between 4,600 and 5,000 mAh, confirming instead the 50W wireless charging and the 66W wired one.

A great enthusiasm, judging by the Chinese comments on Weibo, was reserved for the colors of the Vivo X Fold + which features a back in three variants: bright red, blue, and black.

Vivo X Fold + Availability and Price

In China, the Vivo X Fold + will be presented on September 26 and will probably be available in stores and online within a few weeks. As for the price, many think it can stay in line with the Vivo X Fold: 8,999 yuan ( 1,210 US dollars). Others, on the other hand, claim it can reach 10,000 yuan ( 1390 US Dollars ), given the better processor.

But obviously, these are prices for the Chinese market and if the Vivo X Fold + folding smartphone arrives in the USA, it will suffer a price increase due to taxation and logistics costs. But, we must be honest, it is very difficult for this folding smartphone to be officially imported by Vivo in the USA.


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